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  1. Hey SeinfeldRules, I wanted to let you know that I've just gotten back into CMRT after a hiatus and have really enjoyed a couple of your scenarios that I've played, including Interlock OP, Roadblock, and Lithuania. I'll be playing the others (and probably replaying the first three) in coming weeks. I really like your force sizes and your maps, keep up the good work.
  2. Also, note that things like company and battalion HQs can be tricky to delete if you are going to to a couple of platoons, but usually it will be possible, just keep trying... no way to randomly generate maps, but no huge loss, most of them were no good. There are a couple of hundred very good maps available with CMRT, although not all of them formatted for Quick Battles (in CMRT they need an AI plan, etc. to be used in a Quick Battle). If you like smallish battles, you should also try some of Seinfeld Rules' scenarios, they are small and quite fun.
  3. Wow, not a vehement rejection, so it looks like Steve is practically embracing the concept... Yay!
  4. This is my #1 feature request for CMx2 (just as in CMx1, and probably CMx3).
  5. But, um, isn't it your choice if you buy the DLC or not?
  6. hmmm, there wouldn't happen to be any King Tigers near your town, would there?
  7. Sorry, I've been meaning to test this, but have been too busy...will try to do so in the next few days...
  8. John's comments, which I was responding about, were clearly about the Panzer Campaigns games. While these games are really old (15 years?) they are far from dead and so the issue is hardly only relevant for nostalgia. Moreover the issue is relevant for any wargame that can be changed without the other side agreeing or being aware of it.
  9. Actually I was speaking about JonS' comments about the Tiller games, where the hacking is trivial--just by editing text files. And I'm missing some of the drama, negativity, and ego in this thread, do we need to kick it up a notch?
  10. Interesting discussion. I don't have a strong position personally, but don't understand how someone could not appreciate that the issue described by JonS--the ability to freely mod a game and use it in H2H without the other player's consent or even knowledge--is indeed a major potential issue for any (multiplayer) game? Somehow the ability of the second player to "counter-hack" his opponent's units does not seem like a very productive approach.
  11. I'm not an expert on telogreika's but probably know more than most about them... I am pretty sure that the colors varied considerably, from mustard yellow to green--they used whatever they had. Not sure about the shoulderboards and medals, but my guess is No, Yes.
  12. OK, got it. From the few recent Russian war movies I've seen, they'll probably get the equipment basically correct, but I'm guessing it will be more Rambo than any particularly interesting...
  13. Unfortunately, it is irrelevant whether the "detail of the story is true", since it is now generally recognized that this whole story was basically fabricated; here is a couple of links with the gist of the matter: Panfilovtsy Panfilovtsy 2 To sum it up, a 1948 Soviet investigation into the incident concluded that the story was "pure fantasy". Given the true heroism displayed by so many Red Army soldiers during the war, it is a real shame that they're making movies about imaginary heroes...just a sign of the times, I guess.
  14. IIRC either the battle of Medina Ridge or 73 Easting in Desert Storm was called the "biggest tank battle ever", but I've got to think that Kursk or Chinese farm were rather more intense affairs.
  15. Will all due respect, please don't wait for exciting screenshots, etc. before signing up. If you have questions, ask them, choppinit will answer. If you "hope it works out" please jump in sooner rather than later--if the threshold isn't reached, you're not out anything... Not to pressure you or any others who are waiting in the wings, but there has been a lot of (supposed) interest in an op-layer since, well, forever. If you ever hope to see one, now is the time to step up in my view.
  16. Yeah, to quibble about this graphic or that feature misses the main point, which poesel has pointed out--to get an interface into CMx2. Choppinit and others have already spent ALOT of time on this, and if this doesn't fly, there's a good chance we'll never see any kind of op-layer or interface for CM. So if you have the slightest interest in either of these, please chip in and help see this through...
  17. I'm in... Not only has an op-level component for CM long been a dream for me, but I've also never understood why more wargame companies don't use the kickstarter model for projects like this, so I can kill two birds with one stone with this one!
  18. Just checking in here. One quick suggestion: I suggest that you come up with a more distinctive title as soon as possible. Googling "combat operations" doesn't get you far towards your game.
  19. Ah yes, the one which was introduced some eighteen months after the T-34? I'm not gonna get drawn into a pointless debate about "the best tank", but I think that when considering the question you have to consider them on a relative basis, compared to the tanks they were deployed against.
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