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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm a long time fan of wargames focusing on armored warfare (Steel Panthers and CM series, mainly Eastern Front) and also tank sims like Steel Beasts and Steel Fury. I always appreciated high level of detail and accurate, realistic modeling of equipment (like optics) and physical events (like spotting, targeting, shooting, ballistics, armor penetration and post-penetration damage). As time passes, games (some of them) become more and more realistic with help of much more armor & penetration data available today, than were not available 15 years ago. For example today we kno
  2. So. The Kingtiger in-game seems rather crude. Apart from a comparatively low def 3D model, a lack of data for the coax MG which fires out of the model center instead of besides the main gun, there's another problem. After a few test runs with 8 Kingtiger vs 8 IS-2 at a range of 1000m, I was shocked. The IS-2s seemed able to penetrate Kingtiger turret center front and knock it out. It was more than a year ago when CMRT was first released. At the time I thought it looked like KT's armor was assigned very bad quality. As I absolutely love this iconic tank, I felt bummed and moved on to other ga
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