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  1. I'm not a copyright expert, but if I had to guess I would say that it would be a copyright violation to post someone's pictures without their permission. That said, there are probably non-copyrighted pictures out there somewhere, maybe an WWII miliary training manual or something. Also, I can't get your DB to install under Windows. I've tried downloading the zip file and then clicking on the UCM**** Solution.EXE file, and I get messages that FMCOR10.dll is missing. Am I missing a read-me somewhere? Finally, I am also working on gathering cost data, by experience level and would be interested in coordinating efforts. My e-mail is tmreiter@yahoo.com Thanks, 76mm
  2. Dear jjhays: I used to be in 2nd Bde, 1st AD from '88 to '91; we were in Erlangen. My old battalion was 1/35 Armor, is that unit still around? I think it was deactivated after we got back from the Gulf War. Also, one word on the DU rounds going through the berms in the Gulf--it is true that they did, but the berms (at least the ones I saw) were dug by dozer blades on the Iraqi tanks and were completely useless--a bit more than waist-high and about four feet across at the bottom tapering up at the top. About as effective as a picket fence against a DU round, but since the Iraqis built them on three sides around their tanks, the berms did help immobilize them!
  3. I don't know anything about digital mapping, but I came across the following link, which seems to have extensive DTED date for Russia (and many other countries): http://geoengine.nima.mil/ Click on the "Find" tab to do a geographic search. Seems to be free to download, but I did not actually try it. Maybe you map guys already know about this site, but just wanted to toss it out there. 76mm
  4. Count me in too! I live right in DC. So are we talking about Tuesday, the 21st at the Brickskellar? Tom Reiter
  5. I don't see where to download the charts on the link provided. All I see is Mods... 76mm
  6. Will the strategy guide include a CD with all unit info (including unit costs by experience level) in spreadsheet or database format? That would be great! 76mm
  7. I should start out by stating that I am not a professional programmer, or even a gifted amateur, and have only dabbled in some Visual Basic stuff. That said, have you guys considered using Visual Basic for this type of application? While it would probably be preferable to use c/C++, those languages sound much more difficult to learn, and the application we're talking about does not require state-of-the-art programming capabilities for 3-D graphics, etc. I would think (but am not sure) that VB could handle the 2-d, hex-based operational type game along with the associated AI. Does anyone know for sure? Given real-life time constraints, I doubt that most members of this list would be able to pull something useful together single-handedly, but maybe working together it would be possible to accomplish something worthwhile. How many programmers do we have out there, and what is your interest level? 76mm
  8. Don't know much about WWII land/air coordination, but I was a tank company executive officer in Desert Storm (as part of the left hook) and can tell you that I was much more worried about US aircraft than Iraqi tanks. My unit was short a couple of flourescent orange air recognition panels and people got really excited about who would get them. And this, mind you, was in the vast open desert with 1990s vintage commo gear.
  9. Thanks for the responses--hadn't thought of ammo changes at all!
  10. I am putting together a table with unit costs. I had just gotten started when I noticed that while the costs of German armor & vehicles and of most Soviet armor vehicles remained constant over time, the costs of some of the Soviet armor units seemed to increase over time. I was in scenario rather than Quick Battle mode and so didn't think that rarity could be a factor. Also, I was looking at individual vehicles, not platoons. While some of the changes were only a point or two, sometimes they were 10-12 points. Not of earth-shattering importance, but since the unit costs are supposedly based on objective factors, I wasn't sure how the same model tank/vehicle could increase in cost over time. Is this simply a typo I should ignore, or is there something going on that I don't understand? Also, anyone else working on a project like this, and want to collaborate? 76mm
  11. I have two major requests: --AAR results by squad/vehicle (including casualties & kills) exportable into Excel/Access (for use in campaigns). It would also be nice to be able to import such files into scenario OOBs. --Road Movement command!
  12. I agree; if I get a bit sloppy with the movement commands vehicles end up getting bogged on the sides of roads instead of staying on the roads as I intended.
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