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  1. Good question, I guess I would define a meta-campaign as really just a long campaign, intended to cover several weeks or months rather than a single operation of several days. The main difference I suppose is that units can evolve in ways such as by gaining experience (conducting battles, inflicting casualties) or losing experience (by dilution with less well-trained replacements). Also, I guess it would have more of a role-playing element by tracking officer performance/experience and being able to assign them to different units, etc.
  2. I want to create a DB that will allow players to create a force from the CM force selection screen and then track that unit over time in a meta-campaign. It wouldn't have anything like "strength" or "speed", just whatever is in scenario editor, including number of men, morale, experience, supply, etc. Over time players would be able to track things like unit strength, casualties inflicted, number of engagements, etc. I would also track similar data re unit commanders. I did a similar thing for CMx1 and used it for a metacampaign that I played against myself.
  3. What kind of unit list do you have? I am working on a DB to include all units, but haven't had time to get very far yet. Do you have something?
  4. Hope this works as well, but from the map it looks like the game is trying to cover the entire Eastern Front, which seems very ambitious...
  5. Hey Falke, I don't have access to Skype at the moment but would be interested in learning more about your project.
  6. Ah, of course, I should have known that! I will put it into the next revision of the DB.
  7. Glad it is useful to someone besides me. I'll update it periodically, once there are batches of 5-10 new maps. I've also found that it can be useful to look at a bunch of maps at the same time via a file manager or graphics program (rather than one-by-one in the DB), so will try to upload zip files of all of the editor and 3d images in the next week or so.
  8. Here's a link to an updated database: www.vervecom.net/games/CMRT Map DB v2.xlsx Here's the changelog: CHANGES IN v2: --Added 18 Maps, including: --5 QB Maps: QB Bessarab. Nights with Hills QB Bessarabian Nights QB Fat Lipki QB Panzer Crossroads QB Panzer Crossroads with Hills --13 scenario maps: Counterattack at Wilkowischken Garden of the Iron Cross Gates of Warsaw GD Delaying Action Hill 621 Redux Last Sunrise over Antonov Minsk Express No One Escapes One Last Trench Panzer Marsch! Panzergeist Rettet Soldat Reinhart Trainspotting --Added map authors where
  9. hmm, I've just noticed that there are a bunch of scenarios (rather than maps) in the Repository which I neglected to include. I'll try to add these within a few days.
  10. OK, here is a link to v1 of the CMRT Database: http://www.vervecom.net/games/CMRT%20Map%20DB%20v1.xlsx Note that it is 383MB. It was a fair bit of work, so hopefully it will be useful to someone, and will facilitate the creation of more scenarios. I tried to put this link in my first post in this thread, but of course I can't edit my post, so I've deleted the old file (v0). Currently it is in an Excel spreadsheet; the Google docs approach sounds interesting but in this iteration I'd proceeded far enough with Excel that I didn't want to switch in the middle. If I get time I will try t
  11. eniced, thanks for the offer, but after getting Fraps and being able to take proper screenshots I went on a spurt today and actually finished the database. Will upload and post a link tomorrow. With all the images, 383MB...
  12. Excellent Sergei, thanks for the tip, I will check it out. Even two hundred would probably be enough--there are probably about 100 unique maps at this point.
  13. Good idear, hadn't thought of this, but I could probably figure this out. But before spending much time on it, a couple of basic questions: 1) Do you know if I can attach images within a google doc spreadsheet? Currently each map is on its own tab, with hyperlinks to/from the index and the maps. 2) Is there a limit on the number of tabs? I would hate to spend the time creating a google docs spreadsheet only to find that I can only create 99 tabs, etc.
  14. I'd be happy to wiki-ise this DB, although: 1) I have no idea how to create a wiki! I could host it on my site if anyone volunteers to set it up. At some point I will try to figure this out on my own, but it could be awhile. 2) generally with databases I've found that it's helpful if a consistent approach is followed, which is obviously easier if a single person does it, although it would also be fairly easy to coordinate with anyone else interested in doing this. I have issues I want to fix before distributing this thing, but I should be able to do all of them fairly quickly other
  15. I've finished a first draft of this--132 maps altogether, although many of them are not unique (ie, many are submaps or alternates of other maps). I need to clean things up quite a bit before distributing, but hopefully soon... The further I went, the more I was convinced that eniced73 was correct that a 3D view would be helpful; unfortunately for some reason when I take screenshots in the 3d view, trees don't show up at all, so I can't take these screenies myself! If anyone is interested in helping with 3D screenshots, please ping me.
  16. I thought about adding some 3D shots, but the top down ones are pretty muddy, and something from lower elevation only shows part of the map. What did you have in mind? I've also added a column to credit the author, given how much work these maps are. I did 21 maps today, including several of the master maps, which are a pain since I need to stitch several screenshots together. I'll try to do more tomorrow, and hopefully finish up in a week or two. Quick battle maps can also be loaded in the editor and used for scenarios, right? If so, counting them I think we'll have several doze
  17. I don't think I've seen a database of all of the CMRT maps out there--has anyone prepared one? If not, I think it would be helpful for people thinking about creating scenarios to see if an existing map might suit their needs. I've taken a stab at creating such a database, with columns describing map size, ground cover, relief, road networks, rivers, damage, etc. I've also included an image of the map so people can take a look for themselves. Here is the draft DB (Excel spreadsheet), which is work in progress: http://www.vervecom.net/games/CMRT%20Map%20DB%20v0.xlsx Before I got to
  18. John, I don't have time at the moment to go through all of your links, but agree with you on the point above. To some extent I am conveying my understanding of how Russians view things. For instance, most of the Russians I've spoken with don't understand why the US and Britain didn't invade France already in 1941--they just don't understand the logistical and other challenges involved.
  19. Where to start? The only thing I find extraordinary is that someone could complain about the "dislocation" to our war effort due to Lend Lease while the Sovs were fighting and dying in their millions, with their homeland destroyed and overrun. Our help was certainly substantial, but that was the price to pay to keep the Sovs in the war, which was the war-winning issue. If not for political reasons, we would not have had to invade Italy or France at all, and just let the Russians overrun the Reich. I speak with Russians more often that I probably should about the war, and from my experi
  20. I think you might be reading too much into the "collectivism" theme. The Sovs seem to have had no problem celebrating individual feats of arms, including awarding more than 11k "Heroe of the Soviet Union" medals and giving succesful fighter aces, snipers, etc. plenty of media coverage. Maybe the reason we don't read about Sov "Wittmans" is that no Soviet tankers knocked out dozens of German tanks...
  21. yes, tell me about it, it is -20 in Moscow now and I'm huddled in the trenches waiting,waiting for news...
  22. Excellent point. The volume and obscenity levels could increase as command delays increase, and at least on the Russian Front, drawn pistols could be used to further encourage especially sluggish troops! Kind of a sad story about Lt Gladly...
  23. Maybe, but not sure. For instance, if you tell conscripts "go to that position", they: 1) might not even hear/see the command, because their head is buried in the dirt or looking straight ahead, etc. 2) might hear/see the command, but not understand what you're talking about--"what position, sir? That wall or those bushes?" 3) might hear/see the command and understand it, but not understand how to do it, at least without further explanation: "sir, do we need to do that bounding overwatch thing again, or can we just run over there?" 4) might hear/see the command, understand it, know
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