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  1. Hm ok - sounds not that good but there will be a solution to make the "project" still fun
  2. Hey guys! Actually I have my Single Web Application project prototyped and am going to start with it in a few. Still I have some questions which's answeres will lead the way of my design of the whole. I won't tell you yet what I'm going to develop because it's gonna be a surprise - and hopefully it will succeed as I imagine it to be. So my main convert atm is if I have a way to generate a scenario map by a 3rd party tool anyhow. I was looking at the .btt files for the scenarios and with no surprise they are all binary. So What I want to know now is: Is there a external scenario editor? If yes - It must have access to the API to create those maps anyhow - or decoded the bytecode. I'd like to take part on that knowledge!Does Battlefront provide any way to create scenario maps just like that? Like a mentioned API? Does anybody can get in contact with the dev-team to ask for such?And if things went good anyway a last wish would be a way to start Combat Mission from a 3rd Party Tool providing a map to be loaded right away. Any API for that?Thanks in advance for any help. I should ask for such things to the devteam by myself but I want to start with the community at first! greets Charlie
  3. Changes: - new Map design (still not final - mybe theres someone who can design one) - redesigned Unit Icons Fixes: - fixed some movement issues Alpha Playable Status: 40 %
  4. You guys still have problems with joining the google group? @ian.leslie Can you provide me the source for the US and Sovjet Tactical Signs? I have the ones for the germans already
  5. Please Vote(Comment) for the specific style in Unit Symbol Styles I should use here: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=de#!topic/cmctool/b3nSOgGI4Sw
  6. BTW. Can anybody provide some historical original Wehrmacht and US / Sovjet tactical signs - the ones I'll use now are NATO standart - which doesnt feel too nice for me
  7. to better follow the project and see regular Updates please visit the google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=de#!forum/cmctool
  8. We gonna see how far I gonna struck down the coding for the regular version. Does anybody know if CM provides any start parameters to start the CM.exe and jump right into Quick Battles + Unit Selection? Just wanna know if anybody contacted them already before for this issue.
  9. Well if the thingie may be finished for Player vs. Player then I might think about AI - but therefore I would get me some support because I'm not into AI Programming at all
  10. Update: - Added Hex Field - resized Units - 80% of Unit Movement done
  11. didnt Designed that Systematics yet. Still I think you shouldn't go that hardcore into detail - I'm ok with the total war style of experience... even a unit with casulties still has vets in it which will train and teach unexperienced soldiers that strong that the unit will regain its Experience. I'm in active duty as a german Fallschirmjäger and thats exactly how it rolls here with our platoon
  12. Well I dont see it like that - When in my Concept I will attack with 2 Platoons and they will occur with casulties - these will surely be split up by both. Leaving one platoon mybe at full strength and the other with mybe half of strength. STILL this is a realistic matter - the Captain of a company can order to form up one full strength platoon and the other one remains with the weaker strength due share of boots. and the experiences issue wont count here because both platoons involved in the battle will earn experience - I will make XP count on Platoons not on one soldier per unit
  13. Good Point - I'm also up to use the AAR Report to check out the outcome and add this to the unit details on the OpTool itself. To your Questions: I'm using C# withing VS Ex2013 with SFML.NET API I didn't designed the supply mechanics yet - actually just creating the graphic code and some basic user mechanics like moving units - letting unit icons magnetize onto hex fields etc. Also designing the GUI and Units Icons etc. Well no actual FOW but more I want to let enemy units be invisible or if they are armored and spotted by air recon marked with a big "?" around their estimated Position. Hex Map. You can PM me aswell if you have any specific questions
  14. Some Visual Update (Because I know how much followers like pic updates)
  15. Be sure to visit Choppinit's Project of the same idea: https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en#!forum/combat-operations-overlord-game-group They have a real dev team while I'm a standalone game dev. Dont expect too much fancy stuff in my tool - its more a project for a friend of mine and me to play CM Total War style But surely I wanna share it with everyone who's interested.
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