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  1. Think you are right Sly and in the words of the great Jim Morrison 'This is the end...'
  2. Crow warrior is on a break from me! I beat a few times in a row and I think he got bored of it? Anybody out there?
  3. I have started working at home lately (as you can probably tell from the number of posts froM me!) and therefore having a bit more lesuire time, thought I would do some modelling. Seeing as I don't like spending money I usually buy figures from ebay which are badly painted, strip them and re-paint. I have been doing this with plastic figures for some time. You bascially use an oven cleaner in a bag with the figs and leave it to strip the paint. I recently bought some metal figures and tried this, which was partially successful. So I thought I would try putting them in a bag of paint stripper (Nitromors?) and being tight I also put in the plastic bases...first mistake.. After 20 min or so I could see things happening and thoughit time to clean off with water. Putting on my rubber gloves (being aware of saftey) I opened the bag. To my suprise the plastic bases had congelled into one blob, ok not too bad. I picked up a figure and began to wash it under cold water. The second I put it under cold water a reaction took place, a kind of fizz with lots of strong glue smell!! It took the paint off but also I started to realise a pain in my fingers...it had burnt through the gloves! I tried to get them off but they were stuck to my fingers! I was in real pain now. Luckily wifey to tghe rescue and all is ok. DONT MIX HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS
  4. I think you mean, excellent, fantastic and very enjoyable tourney's Sly runs! and to add, the players from this still play outside of the tourney - PS thanks Sly for the scenario you sent Crow(Jeff) am playing this at the moment
  5. I remember when I was young that someone or some programme, said, that we would be the first generation to life forever...
  6. How the hell do I go about giving you diabetes, high BP and depression?
  7. ahahah...no am in the communist UK I do get free med's but no life cover fom the state...but with current climate and nationalisation of banks then may be in the future so we all dont start losing our houses during the recession...proabaly a step to far though.
  8. Well, looks that way. I have now been refused medical insurance cover twice! Due to my medical history of diabetes, high blood pressure and depression (and only being 39 a smoker and moderate drinker) I am not angry that they wont cover me - I am a bad bet. But got me thinking..I wanted cover for 22 years so are they saying the likelyhood is that I will die before then? If so does anyone know how they calculate the risk verses return particularly with life insurance? And does anyone know of a method of calculating how long one might live? 22 years is a long time - not short enough to stop work or go on that world tour or marry that 18 year old thai bride...
  9. Hi all Battlefront (nz) Flames of War 15mm Does anyone know a good, current forum, where I can ask questions about rules? And also, by chance, anyone playing in the Hertfordshire UK area and want a game - I have enough for both sides - My club at Dunstable dont play this!!!
  10. Hi guys Hope you and your families have good breaks and special times - And if you bump into a 'vet' buy him a drink for me and thank him for his courage and what he did for all of us! If anyone wants a game then let me know
  11. What are the curent scores sly? am confused? and who are we waiting on?
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