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  1. If you are thinking about jumping in and having a go, please don't let my results or statements in that other thread deter you. There are so many possible reasons for those particular input files that I chose not working properly that it is not worth drawing any conclusions from at this point. Personally, I won't start making more confident statements until I can start passing my own files in and I can test all the fields in that format one by one in isolation. This is a programming adventure where not much is certain. If you're feeling adventurous, go for it regardless of what I poste
  2. Very sorry to hear about this. And it's a shame it took such a personal toll on Hunter. Thanks for letting me into the beta-test team all those months ago...it was frustrating, but you know, there were some very exciting moments in there when it felt close to prime time. Just one technical question though...is there any place in the source code where the API for transferring between CMBB and CMC (or CMC2) is specified? Maybe in a code comment or some sort of text file that was received from Charles? I don't really have the patience to work on a UI right now (especially not in a languag
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