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  1. Moon you'll have to explain to me how I did anything different than the previous poster. It was obvious he read something I wrote on another forum and was obviously trying to provoke me. Also, how was this unrelated in discussing Steel Beasts. You mentioned how expensive it was, and I just stated I thought it was about time wargame companies charge more to stay in business.
  2. Nice to see you read the game squad forums, though you'll probably claim otherwise.
  3. I wish the niche wargame companies would actually charge more for their games like eSim. I would rather spend $125 on a company committed to bringing the best than $40 on a company that delivers a good game and then goes on chase the broader audience and fail.
  4. Let me rephrase... The poster child for for how not to use DRM. If you are a big company that can afford 24 hr support, dial home may work. But if you are a company of three and everyone needs some time off, you are stupid to depend on that server being up, unattended, to make your customers happy. I worked at a large factory automation company that tried dial home DRM and it was a disaster. We spent an incredible amount on overtime getting people in on weekends and after hours to fix access. We eventually went to a dongle system. The system would run for two weeks without the d
  5. SES is really becoming the poster child for how to drive customers away.
  6. I really hope you get in an accident and all the local rescue people decide not to risk it. That is one of th shallowest comments I have seen anyone post in my almost 10 years on this board. The mind set is a lot different if the risk you are taking is actually to HELP people. Is jumping out of a helicopter really helping anyone.
  7. Yeah but its the amount of risk you should put on your family for the return. Risking your life as a soldier fighting for your country...its belief and faith. Jumping out of a helicopter or off a cliff with skis on. Its just plain selfish. Think about that 3 year old girl. He has abandoned her. It is immature and selfish. No kids, I can say its your life. Small children, now its their life too. And driving and walk, yeah things can happen. Its the difference between playing russin roullette with five bullets in the chamber and one bullet, or maybe not playing at all. Once again
  8. Yeah, forgot about the children as a qualifier. btw, I think doing this kind of thing while having a wife and child is stupid and selfish.
  9. Combo base jumping and extreme skiing: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,511116,00.html
  10. To me, default means if I change nothing and keep hitting yes all the way through. Not by default means you have to change something for an action to happen. Right now, the toolbar looks to be the default action. It is simple to stop it, but if you just keep hitting yes, it will install.
  11. Here is the link from Fidget: http://fidgit.com/archives/2009/03/how-about-a-little-advertising.php
  12. Correction - he gave it a 6. http://www.gamesradar.com/pc/combat-mission-shock-force/review/combat-mission-shock-force/a-20070824142116490002/g-2007062112102529089/p-2
  13. I am not comfortable with tentacle porn, period. Unless you think some lubrication would help.
  14. It will all be moot once our alien overlords arrive to enslave us and force to watch Oprah 24 hours a day. But the thanks for the map. I will provide it to them for favors and special treatment.
  15. He had both games. I just updated my video drivers and got locked. btw, updated based on SES recommendation. The DG game DRM is a lot more forgiving than Jutland's. I have never been locked out of activation on it. I did notice bullethead recommended someone buy DG soon because they are upgrading the DRM to Jutland standards. Pretty sad when you have warn your customers about the issues you are going to have.
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