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  1. No, this was obviously an aircraft that catually worked.
  2. When I was a schoolboy playing rugby we used to have matches against a school that was basically underneath final approach to Sydney airport. Inevitably a 747 would come in, almost sucking the goal posts away. Visiting players, spectators and referees would end up frozen to the spot, staring in the air with mouths gaping....and the home team would run in a try.
  3. I think the manual also says that AA fire, even if it doesn't kill the plane, will affect the accuracy of its target runs.
  4. I often place AA in scattered trees well back from the front line and it's not unusual for them to score a kill. Of course, the only way you'll ever know they've got a kill is by checking at the end of the battle, because there is no obvious explosion that I've ever seen.
  5. A standard procedure when dealing with Japanese bunkers in the Asian war was to wheel up a two-pounder or Bofors and just fire at top of the slit with the intention of caving it in. It wouldn't cause much damage to the occupants, but they wouldn't be able to fire back, allowing them to be outflanked and receive a doorknock at the rear.
  6. I played Night Raid yestreday. As reccomended in the briefing, I played the Russkis against the Germans as AI. + = = = = = = = = = = = = = I found it pretty easy, and I'm a crap player. Part of it was luck. I sneaked my troops all the way up to the wire simultaneously in three places, and was in the trenches before the Germans knew what was going on. The flamethrowers caused some panic, and a couple of squads routed off the map, but because the ranges were so close, I was onto the FT crews and bitch-slapping them to death after a round or two. I never encountered the MG bun
  7. My interactions with Canadian women have led me to believe that the Skank is a more commonly deployed variant.
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