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  1. Yes. Looks very very good. Now gimme it !
  2. Please upload to Green as Jade site. Thanks
  3. Dear Kevin, Please send me the scenario at : willielapus@yahoo.com I have time between Christmas and New year to playtest it, Merry Christmas !!!
  4. Can you please upload your QB map "Titans" to Green As Jade site. Thank you.
  5. Playing...and enjoying it. Will send feedback after I complete the scenario. Thanks...I love small scenarios.
  6. Also use Vein's Special effects v3 but replaced the tracer to tracer v 3.1
  7. Did anyone also experience that the Panzer IIIG becomes a captured French (Renault??) tank? Should I remove all my vehicle mods??? Is this causing a problem? Thanks
  8. After installing the Vehicle Pack. I made a QB with Panzer IVH. When I zoomed in it converted into a bunker. Did this two times with the same results. The Panzer IVH becomes a bunker when I zoom in. It reverts back to a Pnz IVH when I zoom out. This does not happen to Panzer IVJ. The Pnz IVJ does not become when zoomed in. Anybody else seen this???
  9. Problem solved--Downloaded successfully. I turned off my virus protection before downloading. Great Mod...Thanks
  10. I have tried three times to download from Green as Jade site but each time the file would not unzip. Can you break it down to smaller files? Maybe the massive amount of data is causing problems for me. Thanks.
  11. Downloaded using chrome. Got it to work. Thanks.
  12. Downloaded but cannot open the files...HELP !!! Thanks
  13. Downloaded the Hit Decals...having problems opening it. Please repost. Thanks
  14. Thanks Vein. Beautiful and lovely.
  15. Juju..I am having trouble making this mod work. I have tried all different variations but the leaves (the trees) do not become semi-transparent. It Behaves exactly as before (show trunks only...) Perhaps, it is my video card. Oh gosh...I so wanted this mod....life is not fair !!!
  16. Just downloaded your excellent Tiger II mods with decals. OUTSTANDING !!! Thank you
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