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  1. Small, short, violent, firefight scnarios for me also.
  2. Help.. cannot register to download. What is required for a valid password-# of characters? Upper case? Numerals? Can you please upload to GAJ's site?? Thanks
  3. Can I establish an Automatic Withdrawal Account with BFC?? I will give you my bank account number, the name and birthdate of my first born son. Automatically ship me the games/modules as it becomes available.
  4. Looking for the 50th Div. (Northumbrian) 61st Recce Regt. Did you make a mod for this??? Thanks
  5. Haven't heard from Fuser for sometime now. Hope all's well with him. Not that I am rushing him to finish the Chrchill V...just a wee bit concerned. Need to hear from our great artist and hero soon!!
  6. Thanks, I shall attempt a small scenario.
  7. I would like to make a scenario using the scenario editor and a QB map. The QB map has already AI (meeting engagement) for both sides. Do I simply add Allied and Axis units?? or... do I have to make AI plans for both sides??? This is my first try... any help is most welcome. PS-I am doing this so I can play with Aris's most excellent Lynx mod. Can't wait any longer for the rumored, long awaited CW patch. Thank you.
  8. Please release it also at GAJ site. We can download it there sooner. Thanks
  9. Amen Brothers. CMBN+mods is my dream game come true.
  10. Aris Mods are all I use also. It is a gigantic work for one person. Thank you Aris, your grand opus makes the game come alive.
  11. Please upload it also on GAJ's website. We can download it much sooner. Thanks
  12. I too, would like to see my GI's go to battle without their back packs. Hope you can find a way. Thanks for trying.
  13. Love that "Charging Knight" decal. Thank you.
  14. Fuser, Gimme...gimmme...gimmmeee the Lynx and Tiger II... My turn to play with them...
  15. Please...please ...please.. pretty please...Release the Lynx and Tiger II even though BFC will hopefully (note the operative word is HOPEFULLY) improve them in the next patch. Thank you.
  16. In my book, "creative and add nice looking decals" beats historical. Go for it !!!
  17. Superlatives are not enough to describe your mods... WOW !!!- will have to express my feelings. Love your decals.
  18. My favorite too. When I was a young boy, there was a comic book about a tanker named Jeb Stuart riding around Europe in a Stuart tank during WW 2.
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