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  1. Thanks Umlaut -looks good. Can you put the decal on aclean (no anti magnetic paste) spot?
  2. Will you be re-issuing them ???? Thanks
  3. Aris, If you decide to tag some of your mods...please tagyour excellent German vehichels with Gross Deutchland markings. Another great modder has already tagged uniforms in GD. This will complete the set. In creating QBs how can you set it up so that the tagged modes show up ??? Thanks
  4. Thanks a bunch, Aris. Happy Easter !!!
  5. Thank you Aris...you are my hero and my favorite weapons dealer !!!
  6. Yes !!! Please convert your mods to CMRT !!!!
  7. I am seeing thin white strips on the edge of the CW-UK helmets. Anyone else have this problem??? If so is there a solution?? Thanks
  8. Thanks Bill. Your labor is very much appreciated. I do wish you can give us more scenarios with which to apply your lessons. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
  9. Thank you Rambler for the lovely presents. I have been asking Santa for these...especially the removal of the US packs. Merry Christmas
  10. Thank you Steve. Thank you BFS.. I am overflowing with joy. Merry Christmas to one and all !!!
  11. Had the same problem. Also be sure to disable anti virus.
  12. WORKED THIS TIME !!! Turned off my anti virus. Downloaded the patch again. Thanks guys.
  13. If I recall correctly, there is one more module in the CMBN family that will feature new units and other good stuff....possibly fire??
  14. Where is it ??? Where is it ??? Gotta have one of them!!!! Gotta have all of them !!! THANKS MORD. Very much needed and appreciated.
  15. Thank you very much Aris. Enjoy your well earned vacation. You are a master artist !!! Come back refreshed and ready to go.
  16. Don't have the talent nor the time to test. But i just want you to know how much I apareciate your mods. Your Silhoutte mod has certainly improved the look and quality of the game. THANK YOU.
  17. Thanks Aris. As usual, your mods are SUPERB !!!
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