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  1. Merry Christmas !! Maligayang Pasko !! Feliz Navidad !! NOEL !!
  2. Dear Fuser, I would like to thank you for making my CMBN-CW-IF +++ gaming experience that much more pleasurable. Your unselfish sharing of your modding talents is a marvelous example for us all !!! Merry Christmas and the best of the New Year to you. Cheers, Willie (Stingray)
  3. Can't believe it is NOT the real thing ! Good Job
  4. I like it !!! Like it very much. Thanks Fuser. Good job.
  5. Please upload to GAJ's site for those like me who cannot download from Gamefile. Thanks
  6. Having problems with Filefront. Can some good soul please upload to CMMODS? pretty please...Thanks
  7. Thank you. Can you also make a map pack for CMFI ??? After the patch, most of the QB maps got lost. Thanks
  8. Aris you are the MASTER of MODS ! Wonderful peice of art. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
  9. Any new development? or progress? I play almost exclusively QB, so having the old maps back is very important to me. I have the PC version of CMFI. Thanks.
  10. Hope you can also fix the QB Maps for PC. I play mostly QB. Thanks for your quick reponse.
  11. Yes, please do. It will make it easier for us modcoholics.
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