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  1. Yea after a lack of response I'm proceeding as planned with my planned re-writes of the CMBS and CMSF2 campaigns.
  2. Yea I was finally able to figure it out on my own. Sait_Mattis let me know if you need any help or want to discuss!
  3. What I meant was that I imported the core files from the first scenario, following what is in the manual. I then added some support, that is all. The problem is originating in the first mission, not in the second.
  4. I have a problem when creating an edited campaign. When I play the scenarios individually, they play fine. I have updated the core force file for the second scenario, with the data from the first. When I compile the campaign, and start campaign play, half the forces on the map in the first mission are gone, and or, units mounted in vehicles now have no vehicles present. I go back to playing it as a single scenario, and everything is fine. Any advice? Thanks in advance.
  5. Having taught myself to write the campaign script files, is is it legal for me to post modifications of the campaigns? Of course if a campaign author requests I don't do so, I will of course respect that. I'm looking to release TF thunder modified to give the allies greater support forces.
  6. 1. It's almost like... people complain about.... the problems with a game engine? 2. You're absolutely right. If a game doesn't sell. There is absolutely no fault at all with the developer. They just made the perfect little thing, and people just didn't appreciate it for what it was... I'm sure you're avid player of Daikanta right Cpt. Miller? This is like saying that Ford had nothing to do with why the Pinto didn't sell.
  7. As the gentleman with the 30 award review. I just want to say thank you for belittling my intelligence, and assuming that I have no other goal in life but to trash BFC. My review was based on price, age, and toxic community/lack of support. Which this thread did such a great job of doing, (this thread even got mentioned in the comments of my review as an example of the toxicity in my review! Congratulations!). Why is it so hard for you all to accept an OPINION that in this day and age, the game is not worth $60, and has valid, numerous problems (which I'm hoping will still be addressed,
  8. Additionally it seems to "choke" on something in CMSF2's base campaign folder. For me it stops after extracting back on tracks and Die Kunst. If I move the CAM folders to a seperate folder and extract them one by one it works fine.
  9. Not putting the modules on sale? Not having steam keys ready. Not even announcing you would be able to release a day earlier then planned after a delay? Not having the modules on sale at launch? (I get it that you don't want to give Steam their 30% but come on people.... This is basic launch day 101. I'm taking some marketing and computer programming classes right now, and I really want to thank you guys for giving me some examples of what NOT to do.
  10. Any plans to update this so that CMSF2 campaigns can be extracted?
  11. What's the community's agreement on the best Movie Mod pack?
  12. Is there a repository of Campaign Script Files for reference? I am interested in editing the CMSF2 and CMBS campaigns (Though CMSF2 campaigns don't seem to be able to be unpacked given current tools). I have extracted the campaigns, edited the core forces, I just need to compile but I'm a bit lost with the campaign script file (not a programmer), and would love to at least see the CMBS one for reference if anyone has it. Thank you for any help.
  13. Your question is answered. No, there is currently no way to edit any of that. Also, everyone has their opinion about what each weapons system can do. Personally I strongly suspect what Russia says their equipment can do, and what it can actually do are two very different things... But, I'm sure the designers at Battlefront know more than me. None of their games have ever allowed for that kind of modding. I would love to see modding tools that allow for this for personal use, but I don't see it happening, maybe in future games/engines.
  14. This was a great training scenario for me, because I'm still learning the game. Wound up with 4 dead, 7 wounded. I look forward to more of your training missions, if you ever get stuck for ideas for scenarios.. trust me I got plenty of things I could use help with.
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