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  1. As I recall BFC stated that it was intentionally done that way as a way for the player to have more visual stimulation of something 'happening' when the tank fires or something along those lines. Anyway, it's not an oversight but rather a deliberate thing included in the game.
  2. I get this when I try the new link - I suppose I could just ignore the warning and go through, but there it is
  3. fyi I got this when trying your new link



  4. Binkov Battlefields did a decent overview of this hypothetical - at least this one was much more reasonable and well thought out than any of the others I found.
  5. You seem to be suggesting that BFC games are some sort of 'open beta' games or something. That's not the case. Bug tracking is not chaos for BFC. Actual software that is designed for bug tracking is used by the company in order to get the appropriate information to the appropriate individuals and the beta testers are charged with providing the appropriate information through the use of that bug tracking software. While it is appreciated when players find things in the game that may need to be addressed the gaming public has no obligations of any kind in terms of bug tracking. Customers pl
  6. BFC has bug tracking software internally. The bugs that are reported aren't tracked on the public forums.
  7. If it were that easy it would have been done
  8. I personally don't know exactly what the leadership bonus does with regard to firepower. All I know is that when making Custer's Stand I had a platoon of German Volksgrenadiers encountering a platoon of American infantry in the town (the south part of town if you are curious - the Americans were on the south objective). When the German platoon leader's leadership bonus was +2 the American squads were absolutely wiped out (they were in modular buildings for cover). It was so ridiculous that I felt the need to adjust something because if I left it as is the Americans would just get annihilate
  9. Hey Elvis, did you see the thread about Matrix sending out sales notification that say "Combat Mission Show Force" being on sale.  They really need to fix that typo as soon as possible because apparently they are still sending those notices out and it is a bit embarrassing that they can't get Shock correct in their advertisement.

  10. The only one who could answer that question would be Steve and I'm pretty confident that he's not talking. So, with that in mind, my completely uninformed guess would be that they would space the releases of stuff being ported over to Steam a couple of months apart. Maybe four to six months apart would be my guess, but that's just me guessing. I would also guess that perhaps since they started with Shock Force 2 that they would go in order of original release for each base game. You probably wouldn't want to just put them all onto Steam all at once because your customers wouldn't be able t
  11. Maybe the OP is pointing out a possible typo rather than the sale price? Certainly if they are saying that Show Force 2 is on sale then I'm not sure what game that is 🤪. Unless that's the OPs typo - not sure.
  12. Ultimately any designer has to make personal choices about the soft factors that he assigns to the units and those soft factors may / should be influenced by how the scenario or campaign plays out during testing. However, Ts4ever and Bulletpoint bring up some excellent points to consider. I will generally start with a sort of baseline from what I know about the units involved and modify to match that. I do follow a couple of general guidelines though. Because of high turnover I have adopted a policy of almost never assigning any experience level higher than veteran. The only exception tha
  13. IIRC, the few good men took over all the other places that had mods and scenarios because the other sites weren't able to continue operating. I'm pretty sure the BFC one was absorbed during that process. The guy who runs the few good men stepped up to the plate and took on the project of saving everything and setting it up on his site. At least, that's my vague recollection. The guy who runs the few good men checks these forums occasionally so he can confirm that or I guess say that I'm not remembering it correctly if I'm mistaken.
  14. the ARMA player video is probably the one that can be found on the video tab when you click on the Shock Force game on Steam. It has something like 83k views in one or two days when I last checked.
  15. Yeah, apparently the time to edit was increased from when I tried it yesterday. I was doing it while all the upgrades were happening though so it might have been related to the upgrade process and not necessarily whatever time was assigned for the allowance of edits.
  16. Yeah, I found the button, but when I typed my edit and saved it (my post was three minutes old) I got a message that the time allowed for editing was past and my edit couldn't be saved 🤪
  17. Is it just me or did the forums just change? The layout looks different and the ability to edit a post seems to have dropped to less than a minute after posting or something.
  18. I have some memories of when I first tried CMSF. I had purchased and played all the CMx1 games but because modern didn't appeal to me I didn't get CMSF. One day a friend and I tried the CMSF demo in Real Time and it was way too fast for me to keep up with. I then tried another demo scenario against the AI and I asked a few questions on the forum. The first thing I recall asking about was something about not being able to move the view during a certain phase or something like that. Maybe the view was frozen prior to movie playback and I said I wanted to be able to reposition the view prior
  19. An engine upgrade would be CM3. Hopefully that will show up eventually.
  20. Okay, well I have to ask the obvious - sorry. Down by the red button you should see four arrow buttons - those are active when you have a movie turn right?
  21. August 42 might be Kharkov which just preceded the German attack towards Stalingrad IIRC or perhaps something around Moscow.
  22. doesn't reactive armor look sort of like that? It does look like logs though, although maybe it's some sort of strange looking reactive armor.
  23. Apparently the vision ports and 'spotting ability' from the earlier Soviet tanks are very poor. No cupola? Two man turret as well IIRC for the T34. No radio either. I can already hear the complaints about 'why can't my T34 see that Pz III sitting out in the open right in front of me?'
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