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  1. Steve, with some of our info on the server (e-mail, e-lic codes etc), any danger of the hacker getting anything usefull?
  2. Start EoS, open menu Updates and Downloads, select Downloads, press Refresh List and voilĂ !
  3. You are only alowed to edit for a certain time after posting, I believe.
  4. Looks great! Will you be able to write an iPhone application for this too?
  5. I agree that there are a lot of AI BBs sailing around. Can't remember if I've ever seen an AI CV.
  6. 1. Pangea: the name of the ancient super-continent that is tought to have contained all the dry land ca 250 million years ago (wiki). Here it means the map has one huge continent. 2. Great idea!
  7. I don't think you are suposed to use ' around the font name. Have you checked the vB code info?
  8. PBEM? Wohoo! PS: Did you do something to the food consume calculation? I have a game running where I think the usage was around 25 pre update, and now it's 99.8 (i.e. it says -99.8 in the toolbar).
  9. I got that when I try to download the update. Edit: Managed to download now, so I assume it was a server connection issue.
  10. I was going to suggest Win7/Vista admin right problems, but sunspots might be equally viable. In that case, NASA should be able to find out about it in a few hours!
  11. Great patch! The game runs much faster now! Just one small thing; could you find it in yer heart (and code) to have some indication on the map that can tell us at a glance which city has a harbour? There are some cities in my current game which are close to the sea, but still doesn't have the option to produce ships. I miss the lill' anchor!
  12. A good game will have been made even better, and you will hopefully not have had a nervous breakdown!
  13. I admit to having just fiddled a bit with the editor. My biggest problem was getting elevation done, as I didn't find the current way intuitive. It would be so much easier if I could do this in the 3D view, e.g. just select "Raise" or "Lower" and click on the terrain. If fact, everything would be easier to do directly in 3D!
  14. The AI produce troopers, but I've yet to see air transports and the use of it. The AI is in fact a tad weak when it comes to utilization of air power.
  15. From the forum on the ASUS homepage it seems the 195.xx is a no-go with that card. Oh well, the 191 series seems to do the job just fine.
  16. Thanks for the feedback! The graphics card is brand new, and I have no indication that the power supply is failing. Do you know any good way to check it (software tools etc)?
  17. I installed a new GFX card and updated to the latest Nvidia drivers (195.62). When trying to run EoS the game screen doesn't show. I get everything else (window frame, menus etc) and can click and select units and cities as well as give orders, but nothing is drawn on the playing field. I just see the desktop though it. I downloaded and installed the demo, but the same happened there. After rolling back the drivers to my previous version (191.07), everything works ok.
  18. I quite liked that feature. Oh well...
  19. Wow, they actually are! I hadn't discovered this (basic 1900-2030 ruleset).
  20. Has something happened with satelite movement? It barely moves each turn (standard 1900-2030 ruleset).
  21. I think this would be correct as a simplified/generic WWII view, but today any naval platform can be filled with various missiles, thus making them far more potent?
  22. Well, the beauty of EoS is that you can quickly change your ruleset, so that your units behave like you want them to.
  23. Do you have Barracs in that city?
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