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  1. I tried this file, and everything is working fine for me, including transparency. Are you running with 24-bit or 32-bit color (rather than 16-bit color)?
  2. On initial inspection, it looks fine. I'll have to put it into the image editor and see what happens.
  3. I actually hadn't thought of changing out the music tracks. As far as the other issues, I'll break up the question into parts. When creating your own ruleset, you can start from an existing ruleset or start from scratch. * Units The attributes of all units are changable. The attributes include things like: their name, movement rate, movement range, damage, attack/defense values, how does terrain affect movement rates/defense values, what units they can contain, and how much space the unit has. If you take a look at the Official 1900-2030 ruleset, then ask "what varies between these
  4. When this "how to" was originally written, you did have to click on the dropoff point, but one of the recent builds changed that to make it more convenient.
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