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  1. I just reinstalled CMBN, Commonwealth Forces and Market Garden and now the uniforms for all infantry are black and the helmets are missing. I did not install any of the patches in between the major releases but did install the 2.12. Did I need to install the 2.0 upgrade? I would think that Market Garden would include the 2.0 upgrade. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Another odd thing has happened also...every time I start the game I have to right click and select run with graphics processor and then select High-Performance Nvidia Processor. Never had to do that before.
  2. I bought the first CMFI but not the second. I complained about the IDing in the first version. Maybe the fixed it in the second. I've had 2.0 for a while now and have seen much more IDing than I am now. For instance... Last night playing against SS panzer grenadiers, at first sight of an enemy halftrack it gave me the type it was. Now it is just giving me blank everything on the left side. The only info is in the center box that tells me what weapon it carries. Ie. 75mm/L24 or MG42. In very small type.
  3. I've just noticed that Market Garden seems to have more Fog Of War! I am playing a heavy forest battle and had a Stuart taken out by a Panzershreck or a tank hunter team. I can select the unit but it gives me no info on what kind of unit it is. Well done BFC... This is what I have been waiting for since CMSF! I haven't gotten far enough to find out whether it will tell me info such as Team A 2nd squad yet but so far it looks good!
  4. Did you accidentally change your tree settings with the Alt T command? There is a setting that only shows the trunks so you can see your troops in heavy trees.
  5. K I will send you it the next time it happens. Usually I just cancel it and call it in again and don't think to save it.
  6. I think it is resetting after the turn. If I get the FFE with 30 seconds or more left in the turn, (enough for the Roger call) I get the arty falling, but if it passes to the next turn without the roger it starts over again.
  7. Is anybody else experiencing this? With a regular spotter and regular 81mm mortar (off map) I get the spotter saying fire for effect with 5 seconds left in the turn. Next turn, instead of firing for effect the mortars go back to spotting rounds. This gets repeated over and over again. With a veteran spotter this is usually avoided.
  8. Agree 100%. Definitely detracts from realism.
  9. After CMBN installed I got an error so I'm uninstalling it again. Norton may suck but CMX2 has the worst installers I've ever used. Never have I had this much trouble installing a program.
  10. Just uninstalled norton an CMBN, reinstalling CMBN. What is the best protection that doesn't block **** you're loading on from disc?
  11. I am trying as adminstrator no luck...just restarted with no luck.
  12. Security history info states: A program exited full-screen mode. Silent mode is still on due to user setting it on. Whatever that means. What a steaming bag of excrement!
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