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  1. I'm trying to use a map overlay to help create a Scenario map, but I'm having trouble finding where to put the .bmp file. The manual says "Place this image in the Z folder within your game’s Data file." I can't find the Z folder. Can anybody tell me where it is located? Thanks.
  2. I quit the game then restarted and after I hit the go button the radios appeared. Before that I played 20 turns with no radios.
  3. They have the radios when I place them in the scenario editor.
  4. I just had an entire platoon of M4s without radios. Is this a bug? I have the saved game.
  5. True...but if it just became a 7 man crew with 35 rounds or so there be no need to get ammo from the truck, or just increase the ammount of AI groups and that solves a lot of other issues as well as this one
  6. You guys are probably right. Hopefully BFC takes a look at this in the future because there really is no need for a separate ammo bearer.
  7. Another way BFC could fix this is to have ATGs be like a rifle squad. So you could split teams if you need to get more ammo out of the Truck or Halftrack.
  8. The ammo bearers don't show up in the unit purchase screen or I would have just deleted them.
  9. I have tried it with .30cals and it keeps the 1 man as ammo bearer but it's worth a try. Just tried it...it deleted 2 in the gun squad but kept both in the ammo bearer squad.
  10. The problem as I see it is the AI in scenario editing doesn't treat the Gun and ammo bearer as a team. It treats them as if they are totally different units. If you have a platoon of AT guns in the same AI Group and you want to spread them out over a ridge line.... It will not keep the ammo bearer with the gun and will often put 2 guns almost on top of each other. I've tried everything I can think of and nothing works. If it was all one unit it would work.... I do it with MG42s all the time by just placing dots on the map in AI and it makes it so you can randomize their position as pictured below.
  11. I am talking about the AIs handling of AT guns. AT guns don't do a lot of moving about during a battle so no need for a scout. MG42s don't have an ammo bearer and they seem to work pretty well. To me it is just an extra unit that has no useful function, but is counterproductive in the AI .
  12. My issue isn't that the guns won't use the ammo bearer's ammo....its that the AI doesn't keep the ammo bearer with the gun. It would be easier just to give the gun 30 rounds and have it a single unit.
  13. Why are AT gun crews split into 2 teams? When setting placement in AI for a platoon of ATs, it almost never pairs the ammo bearer with the gun. I placed 3-2square setup zones int the editor and this is what I got (3 AT guns in 2 squares). The old way of CMBO would work a lot better with 1 team and 40 or 50 rounds. I can't see any benefit to having them split. AT guns rarely last more than 15 rounds before getting KO'ed, so no real need to run and get more ammo. It would work if there were more AI groups then I could set each gun to its own group. Another way would be to make the ammo bearer a separate unit in the unit editor so we could just delete them. Does anybody have a work around for this. I've used all 16 AI Groups.
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