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  1. Any luck with this? I've agreed before, and still agree about Steam. Bought tons of games on pure impulse on Steam, and they do carry vast numbers of indie games. Steam's even self-promoting, ie. friends see which games you own and play, buy the same games, then their friends see what they're playing etc.
  2. Sorry Brit, but no - it's exactly the other way around (unless we're talking a major hyped title, like StarCraft II and like). If you try out Impulse and Steam you'll see first-hand why these systems generate extra sales. I've done impulse-buys on both platforms after watching the review videos - the "Buy now" link is never far away Steam, being my personal favorite, is more than a distribution system. It's a online gaming community, including Friend's list, ingame chat, ingame awards system and more. This means, you'll see which games your friends are playing and how they're doing (awar
  3. As far as I know, in Europe this only goes for Germany. Replacing it for Germans is fine by me, but please don't let the rest of Europe suffer for their censorship.
  4. Actually Warspite2 already suggested this in the 22nd post in this thread: I agree - with both of you
  5. Sound like a good idea as a "Quick start" option. Would make the initial game more interresting. True, but it's sorts of a Catch 22: The multiplayer market for turn based games is very small because the traditional (IGo-UGo) implementation totally sucks with more than two players, and few developers want to develop a good multiplayer experience since the market is very small.
  6. Actually that's a good idea, although stealth-units like submarines should still be hidden. Imagine 10+ players at LAN party playing Empires of Steel with this option on and a projector showing the entire map and action on a big screen. Once all turns are submitted eveyone sits back together and watch the action on the big screen, laughing, cursing and shouting.
  7. Ditto. Got a three and a one year old, wife, house, garden, work etc. I'm lucky if I get a few consecutive gaming hours every week (usually it's very "on, off"), and if I do it's never scheduled. PBEM is the only multiplayer experience that'll work for me.
  8. I agree - I've bought several games on impulse on Impulse . Question is of course how large a percentage they charge.
  9. Actually the only reason I can't "sell" EoS to my frieds is that PBEM still isn't full-featured - so I'm just waiting for that to happen Once PBEM is ready for prime time EoS will go from being yet-another-turnbased-wargame into offering a very rare multiplayer experience! I really think PBEM (or simultaneous turnbased multiplayer?) is the feature which should be touted the most - it's something that 99,9% of the other games do not have. The trick is to make players understand why they need it, that this is a feature which actually makes multiplayer turnbased games playable, and that
  10. I suppose if the server interface is exposed, EoSM clients could be written in any language (ie. Java, Python) and thus be available on any device able to run said language. You wont be able to play your turn on the device, but you could easily respond to messages, trades and diplomacy anywhere you can get an Internet connection. This type of online functionality is what is needed to bring turn based strategy games out of closed forums and lobbies and into the new millennium.
  11. THANKS FOR ADDING PBEM - even if it's still rudimentary This one came right out of the blue, I was under the impression that it wasn't even being worked on! Off to post the good news )
  12. Sounds like an advanced kind of Civilization Pitboss game hosting. I like it
  13. Is PBEM (or a Dedicated Host utility) still on the roadmap? :confused: Seems like every week people are complaining that "noboby's available for multiplayer", which is hardly surprising since noone ever sits around waiting for a 5+ hour game session to begin. Well maybe in a testlab, but not in real life For multiplayer to be a success, there needs to be an option to plan and submit orders out-of-sync with other players being online.
  14. I think making effects of strategic bombing and shelling of cities and resources temporary, would be a good thing, ie. production in city and resource output will be affected the turn it's bombed, but will then return to normal. Historically casualties due to population/terror-bombing are fairly small. Targetting production centres is by far more effecient.
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