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  1. I can login to the forums but, can't login to the new web site or even change my password!
  2. With all the talk about CM2 4.0, I take it we will see the Upgrade before we see the expansion packs for CMFI, CMRT, etc? By the way what ever happened to the new web site?
  3. Maybe is this an issue with Brit Armored cars, I seen Italian infantry with grenades take out Stuart light takes but, still failing to take out disabled British armored cars?
  4. All of the US mortar teams have a 4 man crew but, the unit panel shows one empty space (room for 5 man crew), so are mortar teams have 4 or 5 men crews?
  5. Saved Games files - In all of my other CM2 games & Demo's game files are saved in 'user name'/my documents/battlefront/'gamename' but the CMFB all files are in program files(x86)/Battle Front/CMFB, is it that hard to keep this straight? - Same game files can't handle characters like "?" invalid file name when trying to save game. Bug - Can't Acquire Bazooka - I had a three man squad enter a half track that has a Bazooka & Ammo, the squad does not have the option to acquire the Bazooka but, if I select the half track, the crew has the option to acquire? Save
  6. I know CM2 games doesn't model specific grenade types, this is why I find it odd that Italian grenades seem so ineffective against light armor cars. I've see US, German and Russian infantry take out all types of armor vehicles including tanks using grenades. Normally it seems, if a vehicle is disabled and continues to come under fire the crew will bail, this was not the case with the Brit armored cars.
  7. Well if this assault was against tanks I could understand but, armored cars? I agree, it should be very difficult to take out a anything beyond a light thank with a roof with just grenades.
  8. Were Italian Grenades really that bad? I've had a couple of QB's where Italian Infantry were up against British Armored cars (Daimler Mk II & Dingo), they assault the armored cars with grenades and could not destroy one, in one battle two full squads fired 24 grenades on a single armored car yet failed to destroy it, the after battle review showed the armored car had lost tries and radio but, the crew was fine.The only time I've seen one destroyed is if the crew bailed the armored car after becoming disabled. That's another strange thing, that 99% of the time the Brit crews of the di
  9. It says "Some fun new equipment! (see the TO&E page for a complete list)", only I don't see a TO&E page?
  10. I've been running BitDefender (free version) for 2 years on two different PC's (Win 7, Win 8), I have CMFI + Gustav Exp + 3.0 Upgrade and CMRT with no issues. Check you BitDender Log files for any messages. Try turning off BitDefender and then reinstall & update, if all else fails contact BitDefender. Use Run as Admin option on both the install and update on all CMFI components.
  11. Funny, I've have at lease four books on Operation Husky and all mention British tanks but, none every say which type, I'll always assumed that meant British made tanks, LOL
  12. I just noticed that when purchasing M5A1 Light Tanks for a Quick Battle the costs changes for each one purchased and if you delete them and re-buy them, the cost is different? Example: 3 M5A1 Tanks 1. Purchased First M5A1 - cost 117, 2nd costs 120 points , third 130 points - 3 M5A1 tanks (367 points) 2. Now if I deleted 2 M5A1's and but 2 more the first costs 132 points and If I but another it will cost 140 points. Same 3 M5A1 tanks now costs (389 points).
  13. British TOE/OOB - July 43 Seems odd no Brit tanks for Sicily, I didn't realize the Brit's were this Americanized (M4's, Stuart's) by this time in the war? What happened to all of the Brit tanks in Africa, did they all go to Greece?
  14. I have a saved game with the same issue on the same map this time with a White Scout Car and a ATG that will not load. Where do you want me to send the Saved Game File? file too big to attach file.
  15. This happened twice during setup in Quick Battles, I've also had issues when there is still space, 2 seats on the covered CS8 truck but, would not accept a Piat 2 men team! Game patched to 3.0 Version 1.20
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