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  1. Finally played this one last night and had a great time. What an amazing frenzy of trying to stop the allied wave of tanks! This is much better than the original. I studied the real battle (if it even happened) as well and I am glad to see someone made a proper map of the historical position that this occurred (again, if it did). Total victory on Iron mode. My only gripe is there is only one AI plan. This map needs to be played several times and more AI plans would be so nice.
  2. What skill level are you playing at? Also, what sound mod are you using for the troops swearing?
  3. I applaud what you are doing and I am a big fan of your videos. But SLOW DOWN! You are playing WEGO as if it is RT. Take your time plotting those waypoints. Watch your replays for valuable info. Good luck!
  4. I wish our tank gun smoke shells (not the ones the crew throws out) and WP created a smoke cloud that quickly in the game. More realistic and useful I think.
  5. I wish my enemies 75mm AT guns missed as much as the ones in the movie.
  6. I just played "Here We Fight!" I just had my ass handed to me. They are all dead. They are all dead.
  7. Just an update on Aalst. Germans surrender. I was surprised as I still had half the map to go. I am kind of bummed because I had a hell of a plan coming together when they through in the towel. Score 700 to 22. Warrior mode. They had 75 men left and 1 tank. I had 420 men left. I lost 21 killed and 21 wounded. I lost 2 shermans and 1 staghound. Fun fun fun. I bet they gave up because I cleaned the right side of the map with all those 88's. If they still had those I bet it would of been hell getting off that map. Maybe a little protection for those flank guns in the remake?
  8. Wow Paper Tiger. Just wow. SPOILERS I never got to test this in beta but I am neck deep into Aalst right now and I am having a great time. I did get lucky as I sent a squad to the right to work that flank and it has saved my bacon in this bloody slog mess. THE QUESTION: Are you going to rework this campaign under 3.0 so we can have triggers? Can you imagine?!?!?? You sir, are a master. You were even clever enough NOT to start the German FO's in the bell tower at the start but to have them climb up there later. I put several 75mm shells into it on turn 1 only to find them up the
  9. You mean it made you feel frustrated and it turned your gut and made you mad at your upper command for not predicting the enemy forces correctly? Yeah this should be an easy enjoyable run like it was in real life..........wait a minute!
  10. We have a command that targets for 30 seconds already. Pause 30 with a fire order then quick to the same action spot and a face command off the new waypoint. Simple.
  11. What skill level are you playing? Also...in the first beach battle you ran Bright and his team through a "Suspected Minefield". Edit...more feedback. I am guessing in "Echoville" you used the move command for the sake of film making as it has no real use in the game. You should never really use it. Quick or hunt is a much better choice. Otherwise very entertaining videos.
  12. Wow! How did you do that with such low casulties??? Any video for us to study?
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