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  1. Steve, with some of our info on the server (e-mail, e-lic codes etc), any danger of the hacker getting anything usefull?
  2. Start EoS, open menu Updates and Downloads, select Downloads, press Refresh List and voilĂ !
  3. You are only alowed to edit for a certain time after posting, I believe.
  4. Looks great! Will you be able to write an iPhone application for this too?
  5. I agree that there are a lot of AI BBs sailing around. Can't remember if I've ever seen an AI CV.
  6. 1. Pangea: the name of the ancient super-continent that is tought to have contained all the dry land ca 250 million years ago (wiki). Here it means the map has one huge continent. 2. Great idea!
  7. I don't think you are suposed to use ' around the font name. Have you checked the vB code info?
  8. PBEM? Wohoo! PS: Did you do something to the food consume calculation? I have a game running where I think the usage was around 25 pre update, and now it's 99.8 (i.e. it says -99.8 in the toolbar).
  9. I got that when I try to download the update. Edit: Managed to download now, so I assume it was a server connection issue.
  10. I was going to suggest Win7/Vista admin right problems, but sunspots might be equally viable. In that case, NASA should be able to find out about it in a few hours!
  11. Great patch! The game runs much faster now! Just one small thing; could you find it in yer heart (and code) to have some indication on the map that can tell us at a glance which city has a harbour? There are some cities in my current game which are close to the sea, but still doesn't have the option to produce ships. I miss the lill' anchor!
  12. A good game will have been made even better, and you will hopefully not have had a nervous breakdown!
  13. I admit to having just fiddled a bit with the editor. My biggest problem was getting elevation done, as I didn't find the current way intuitive. It would be so much easier if I could do this in the 3D view, e.g. just select "Raise" or "Lower" and click on the terrain. If fact, everything would be easier to do directly in 3D!
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