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  1. Do not feel bad YOUR QUESTION WAS AWESOME, YOU PROBABLY helped hundreds of lurkers out there looking on. I like questions like these for clarification. Thanks
  2. Well I went. I thought the "real" Navy Seals added more realism to battle scenes that I ever saw before. The story is kind of traditional War story/ recruiting, but relates to the men that have died since 9/11 on the teams. Good action flick. I will go again just to watch battle sequences.
  3. Here is a link... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1591479/
  4. Perfect. All I wanted to do was drum up some excitement again. We know CW is about to break, we your loyal fans are just waiting for the fun insightful thoughts of Battlerfront front line stars!
  5. Thanks for the chatter. Now just going blind building maps. the details are killing me...
  6. Let me see, do I have patience? I died twice and almost a third. I am on waiting list for a kidney. Patience is indeed a virtue. I have played this game since the first demo broke for CM1. I have maps ready and I am ready to put new vehicles on the maps. I just want some excitement. All i ask is for the man in the Jar, Steve for some words to excite us. For Charles to invoke some wisdom. For Moon to continue to throw a bones our way. For Phil to let us know what he is working on today. For the worker bees (beta testers) to tell us what kind of fun they are having with the upcoming module.
  7. Gentlemen I must thank you for the well wishes and thoughts. I feel much better and I have been busy getting my health in order. Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers. I now plan to out live all of you. See you on the Battlefield.
  8. I think it could be the right time for a few words of enlightenment from the Men OF Battlefront on the module. Words of patience and encouragement on the commonwealth module would be extremely appreciated.
  9. So if set up area is a town on defense in center of map and forces can come from three sides, there will be a problem though. That is what is happening out there. There has been several complaints of set-up areas being at opposite areas , maps set-up zones then are in wrong place. Red zone should be blue or vice versa. Using QB attack or defense is why I suggest new label. For assault, probes, or attacks. This will let imaginative designers more options. Attack or defense in QB screen is actually obsolete because there is no attack or defense in ME. There is attack or defense in probe, a
  10. I have a couple of questions. Labeling format for AI. example: Meet Small Village QB-201 What does program choose in random from above labeling? Does AI choose Tiny or huge too? Confusion in QB setup for random maps, Probe, Attack, Assault. Designers making allied or Axis setup zones For Defense or attack. Can Map labels be made Like; Attack Small Village Axis QB-305= Set up zone for defense is Axis? Thanks,
  11. I am in... prefer a scenario dbl blind. I have already played New Dawn, Platoon Patrol, and dogs Chasing Cats... Pick a scenario you have not played and a side and send me a file. gonzoattacker@gmail.com
  12. SSN vs SSN AAR: This terd was getting my sourkrauts into position on turn 8. Click on movie time on clock running 30, 29, CRACK, THUMP, sniper fire, My StuH commander ducks, orders HE, shoot dammit! Boom! Game crashes at 25 seconds! Next move after several tries of fixing , Help Desk Ticket! Schullenkraft where are you? This SSN will be setting new set up after I drink some Sierra Nevada Beer, My next door neighbor one block from my house is the brewery. I need a Big Foot!
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