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  1. I'm glad these are getting re-worked. Waiting on the Brits!
  2. Hindi and Urdu are similar enough to pass for each other in game. While trying to figure out which language would have had the most speakers amongst Indian Divisions in Italy I couldn't find anything more useful than this in the official history: 'As an illustration, their Army newspapers now appeared in eleven languages, instead of two as in peace time. Even the impassive Gurkhas had their Gurkhali news sheet, which they read with avidity. '
  3. Urdu (possibly Hindi) would be the most logical choice.
  4. Off topic, but if you ever get a chance read 'Skinner of Skinner's Horse' , the memoir of James Skinner (1778 – 1841). Well worth it.
  5. They are in CMFI too. Love that canister shot.
  6. Pre-ordered and replaying all the content released so far while I wait, and there's still three campaigns I've barely touched. Has anyone done them all?
  7. Placed my order. This has been a must buy for me as soon as it was announced. I can't resist any CM content featuring Commonwealth forces. For the hours I will put into this, $35 is very reasonable.. especially as the Indian rupee is stronger against the dollar these days. I'm still a few games behind (haven't got FB or Black Sea) so the pace of the releases doesn't bother me. Has anyone actually finished every campaign and battle that had been released so far?
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