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  1. Jumpete

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    Steve, now that sf2 was released... are there news about RtV or next RT module?
  2. Jumpete

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    That's a good question. Also me, I'm wondering if german troops in North Italy will keep theirs tropical uniforms or if they will dress more 'feldgrau style' equiment (...maybe M44 uniforms???).
  3. Jumpete

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    Now that SF2 is near to be released (so I hope), I'm waiting for more bones/screenshoots about R2V. Steve, do you have some sweets for us? (Please)
  4. I'd like to see here the promised screenshot that Steve announced with the new year.
  5. I believe that it could be interesting, unfortunately I don't wait any of these experimental vehicles in the upcoming italian front. However I'm wondering what new toys are warming up engines in the hangar. Can't wait to see the game manual before the release
  6. Steve, I'm waiting for your promised screenshot. I hope not waiting long time.
  7. Glad to hear that! I don't know which one will be the first but for sure that I'll buy it, and the second,.... and... (better take my wallet Steve) Assuming that Red Thunder module will be the last, will it be available along 2018 for sure?
  8. Thanks Steve, it was great gift for begin 2018. I hope to see these screenshots really soon. Now my doubt: will we have any of these games,or pre-order at least, in next two/three months? Any if them, really I'm interesting in all of them. P.D. Happy new year for you, BF team and all this community.
  9. Thanks Steve. I was waiting for this module since its announcement (Xmas bone'15). The new SF2 looks like awesome, great work! Merry Christmas ;D
  10. Thanks for your answer Steve. I was hoping gifting myself an italian present for Xmas. I shall to wait a bit mor but I'm sure that the result will be worth it. Can we wait the preorder in next weeks?
  11. Well, after these few weeks Steve, do you have any news for sharing with us ?
  12. A doubt about CMSF2 Steve. For the people who has SF1, will SF2 comes as a big update for them, or as a full new game?
  13. I know that always in the past you refused to jump to the Pacific front. Reading your short-term plans, I know that it wouldn't be soon but, are there chances for this project in the future? PD. This thread ia a great idea, you intensified my hype with the projects explanation, thanks Steve.
  14. CMSF 2 for early '18. The next release will be probably Road to victory. So, would it be possible that next italian module come any date between today and Xmas?
  15. Jumpete

    What is going on?

    Or RT module