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  1. At this rate, I'd bet for next northern hemisphere winter (I hope I am wrong ).
  2. Good luck Aragorn2002, I asked the same a week ago. I'm still waiting the answer.
  3. C'mon guys we're losing momentum, BFCElvis was near to leave his position. More seriously, one month ago the work was around 90% (based on BFCElvis words). How is it today? He told that with the work done in 95% the release should be quickly.
  4. I wish that the release won't take too much time, once time that BF decides start the project. Think that mostly of the german stuff and buildings are finished in F&R module. The british, canadians and americans vehicles won't be so different to Normandy scenary and the newest toys can be imported from RtV. IMO, adding a few tanks (thinking in Persings tanks, LVT, etc) and a little touch-up of the TO&E's mostly of the work will be the missions design. Now the main question is if after Fire &Rumble next one will be FB module or the developers team will move to another games. We must wait until next Steve's bone for know it.
  5. Don't worry 3j2m7 , your post hasn't aggrieved me at any time. I think that time for joking (without insults or personnal attacks) always is welcome. PD: I hope that BFCElvis doesn't believe that this exemp him from answer me. (My spring offensive continues ;D)
  6. And... in June or July? Is there any possibility? (At least for pre-order inside that timeframe).
  7. More new screenshots great! I'm imagining the possibilities of amphibious vehicles in a future FB module... What about LVT Buffalo crossing the Rhine? Mmmm delicious! Going back with the thread, in which TOE will we find the schimmwagen?
  8. Stug IV or Guderian's duck? Difficult choice!. I asume that this module will be a festival of tank hunters: elephant, jagdpanther early/late, stug III & IV, jagdpanzer IV (A/V) jagdtiger (asking me if we'll see the porsche version), ... It sounds interesting. The opposite face should be a smaller number of tanks in armored units (for german side, of course). At least I hope to see finally the lastest version pf Pz IV J with only three return rollers by side and double flame-suppressing mufflers.
  9. Are they early/mid/late of stug IV versions or differents skins (based on various timeframes) on the same model?
  10. OMG! BFCElvis, it's a torment to see those screenshot and not being able to enjoy the module, but we need more af that at least til we can to play it by ourselves. With regards to the latter only one inquiry : not soon? soon? really soon? If the answer is 'not soon', please continue uploading more screenshots.
  11. The IS2 late (with sloped glacis) is already in RT, so my two cents that it's an IS-2m . I look forward to play this module soon. It looks like that come with many new, and old (MickeyD told about early PzIII versions), toys.
  12. Seeing the screenshoot I've problems for wait for the release of the module. Somebody of the dev team can answer next questions, please. - Will we have a last Pz IVJ version with two cylindrical exhaust pipe and three return roller instead than four? - Will we have some KV's models finally? - Will German forces use captured weapons and the new m-44 uniforms? - This is not 100% historical but, what about JS-3 and T-44? Thanks.
  13. Thanks BFCElvis. I don't go to ask for the pre order release date because I know the answer to it, but... could you to upload more screenshot about new units and vehicles incoming? (Tanks you).
  14. I like that soldiers with ushanka. It makes me wonder if we are going to see some german forces wearing forage cap. It was very usual between volkssturm and regular forces in the last days of war. PD. When we'll know the full TOE's of 'Fire & Rumble'?
  15. I'd like to see Schwimmwagen and LVT for crossing the Rhine in the FB module, especially because we've the amphibious technology since SF2. Also would be interesting to see that 'a lot of stuff' for germans. I suppose that many of that stuff will be also in RT module. When will we see the TO&E for 'Fire and Rubble' (or it will be needed wait until preorder for know it)?
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