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  1. Steve spoke time ago about the development of this module for RT, if I remember well, he told that the work was advanced, even that it could be released at once to R2V. Well, now taht R2V is out, what BF can say about Fire and Rubble? (Some bones please).
  2. Not worried about the module final name, but I can't wait for know all about the new toys and TOEs which are coming.
  3. Thanks Frenchy56, I think you're right. That is a reasonable answer, specially since most of the incoming forces fought in a timeframe longer than wich R2V will cover.
  4. I was checking the new R2V TO&E and I discovered that some of the incoming vehicles are currently in FI+GL (v2.02). This is the case of the Pz IV J early, Brummbar (mid) or M4A1. Can this be a mistake on the R2V website store? Could somebody of BF team please reply to that? Thanks.
  5. Steve spoke time ago, about the development of R2V and RT. It looked that the work was very advance in both cases. Now that R2V is in preorder, will we have wait much time for the Red Thunder module? Is it coming soon after R2V?
  6. Like you, I take the view that BF should show us some screenshots with indians troops and goumiers. Will they have an original touch, or will be only regular troops with a patch on the shoulder as brazilian forces (only talking about the look). And talking about look, what possibilitties will we have to see... - CW forces with the helmet mk IV? - Waffen troops in tropical uniforms (not only the boots)? - US forces wearing m43 unifoms? - German forces with m44 uniforms? Thanks in advance for the answers.
  7. So I hope, now it's time for the modules. I want to lead my boys under the italian sun or on the prussians plains.
  8. Still waiting for news. Steve told something about the R2V release possibilities around March and soon after, Red Thunder module. Obbiously all of them are delayed, but some words about the development work would be welcome.
  9. Great news Steve. Reading your post, I was thinking that if the modules develop is so advanced, why don't bring us some screenshots as a last Xmas sweet.😉
  10. Steve, now that sf2 was released... are there news about RtV or next RT module?
  11. That's a good question. Also me, I'm wondering if german troops in North Italy will keep theirs tropical uniforms or if they will dress more 'feldgrau style' equiment (...maybe M44 uniforms???).
  12. Now that SF2 is near to be released (so I hope), I'm waiting for more bones/screenshoots about R2V. Steve, do you have some sweets for us? (Please)
  13. I'd like to see here the promised screenshot that Steve announced with the new year.
  14. I believe that it could be interesting, unfortunately I don't wait any of these experimental vehicles in the upcoming italian front. However I'm wondering what new toys are warming up engines in the hangar. Can't wait to see the game manual before the release
  15. Steve, I'm waiting for your promised screenshot. I hope not waiting long time.
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