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  1. Each Army (a NATO corps) (and strictly speaking of Europe not Afghanistan) had 1 regiment of attack aviation and I think the next higher level did as well. Committing an entire regiment to one local attack seems quite fanciful.
  2. I did quite well by moving a platoon of BTRs past the tree line on the right flank, suppressing and reducing the buildings then clearing it out with the infantry. I then moved the tanks up in box formation until one gets lased and pops smoke, I then moved off the road to the right and used the tree line as a bit of concealment got lased a few times which meant and automatic smoke screen. I was able to use this to get my tanks on line to flank the BMPs, and I made quick work of them, I moved up the BTR platoon that was still behind the walled compound to provide infantry support for the tanks then assaulted trough the built up area with the tanks hitting all of the objectives and clearing out the infantry. I never even used the BTR platoons on the left right road, I held them in reserve the whole time. Use your tanks as tanks use your BTRs only as local support for their infantry squads, if you try to use them as fighting vehicles you are going to have a bad day.
  3. "Obviously Russians won't bother with ROE" Nice...
  4. Not so understanding of dropbox, but I will play anything. yaroslav.romanov.1977@mail.ru is my email
  5. Tankist Serzhant Popova Oksana Oleksandrovna shows the decision to allow females into the Tank Troops was not a mistake. Otlichno Ksusha, Otlichno.
  6. I think it's a bad idea for more reasons than just that.. But that certainly is one possible reason.
  7. Honestly, despite all of the rhetoric coming from all sides and pleas for peace, there is an actual unwillingness to do anything besides play blame game. The results are a lot like Jugoslavia, talks about talks, harsh words, all the while people die. As for the back story, what is the situation throughout the world? Meaning how much can NATO, mainly the U.S. afford to commit to Ukraine? Is there still a campaign against ISIS? What of GWOT? Or is Ukraine war happening in a vacuum? I saw written USMC invasion near Odessa or in Crimea, how was the massive land based (in Russia proper) ASM threat dealt with for sending ships into Black Sea?
  8. I missed this post earlier, seems to me to be a quite fair assessment.
  9. Im Russian and live near the Baltic States, I am not driven nuts by this nor is anybody I know. I think this tends to be the Baltic perception more than reality.
  10. I would rather have an aesthetical abnormality than lose the ability to use a weapon system. :/
  11. Sigh. This was a good thread. Please don't let it get locked.
  12. So am I to understand the T-72B3 is molded so that the commander's machine gun is permanently locked in the travel position rendering it for the most part useless?
  13. I must say for a while Ты цель видишь? and Вижу ориентир, а цель не вижу! were idioms I used every day.
  14. As a side to Shasko's post, are what is being described as 'UnCon' really 'UnCon' ? I was under the impression this term meant ununiformed fighters fighting a guerrilla/insurgency campaign. The forces being described are uniformed militia fighting a fairly conventional war with lines and territory being taken and lost. In Shock Force there was a difference between Syrian Militia and UnCon. But as is true this game is not modeled after the real situation. I'm interested to read the 17 page document though!
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