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  1. Would you mind citing some sources? Thank you.
  2. "Nothing except a battle lost can be half as melancholy as a battle won." - Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington
  3. "Men Against Fire: The Problem of Battle Command" by S.L.A. "Slam" Marshall
  4. Badger73

    CM Sniper tactics

    But . . . but . . . , that's not according to Quentin Tarantino . . . .
  5. Badger73

    Combat Mission future

    Nah, just Hollywood production economics. Likely an abundance of available Wehrmacht uniforms still hanging on wardrobe storage racks.
  6. Badger73

    Combat Mission future

    But of course!
  7. Badger73

    92nd Infantry division

    Agreed. The 1st FSSF trained for the more unique missions using the more unique weapons. The 92nd ID comprised standard US TO&E's where a then segregated US Army assigned ethnically distinct American solders; the "Colored" 183rd and 184th Infantry and 167th artillery brigades, the 317th combat support battalions as well as the Japanese American "Nisei" of the 442nd infantry regiment.
  8. One addition, if I may. Use smoke! Popping smoke or shooting smoke tank / artillery / mortar rounds between your positions and enemy locations can momentarily screen your movements for safer withdrawal. However, smoke takes a few moments to establish itself and you will need to prevent enemy advances towards the forces screened.
  9. Great tip! Good SOP. Thank you.
  10. Badger73

    Looking to clear up some drive space on C:

    You can test #1 and #2 first. On the D drive, double-click / open the Combat Mission .exe file for each game. If the game starts and plays normally, your D drive copies are now verified as good. Then copy CMBS and CMFB to the D try and run the same tests. Once you're satisfied all is well, you can free up your C drive space.
  11. Badger73

    screen captures

    Bandicam is free as well. https://www.bandicam.com/downloads/
  12. Badger73

    The state of CMSF2

    Regarding Dunkirk, I wonder whether no one realized how quickly the Cockleshell navy of civilian boats could complete the evacuation. Once the Allies were pinned at Dunkirk and the Kriegsmarine was effective at disrupting Royal Navy beach side operations, I think the Luftwaffe thought it had more time to marshal bombs and organize aircraft flight missions. Then the civilian evacuation support stole a march on the German plans and left the beaches empty when the Luftwaffe was ready. It was very chaotic for all sides involved.
  13. Badger73

    Horrible frames. Getting frustrated.

    On the other hand, in my case as @sburke suggests, it was the Nahimic audio enhancer app which came with my MSI laptop. The HelpDesk is a good place to check.
  14. Badger73

    Mine flails

    Aye, Laddie. Indubitably!
  15. Badger73

    Mine flails

    Because CMx2 action squares are an 8 meter square, I concur. A Sherman's "footprint" is about 3 meters wide by a bit more than 6 meters long. It only occupies 30-35% of the action square area. Infantrymen within that action square have sufficient room to clear out of it's way. I think the game realistically captures that.
  16. Badger73

    Changing light

    If you have time and interest to check, google for sunrise time on the actual date of your scenario battle. Then in Scenario Editor mode, "play" as many turns necessary to get to that time. You should see the sky grow lighter in the east within the game as the time of dawn approaches.
  17. Badger73

    AFV Show & Tell

  18. Shouldn't this thread be in the other non-game "General Discussion Forum"? http://community.battlefront.com/forum/57-general-discussion-forum/
  19. Badger73

    The CM2 FAQ Thread

    Yes, on the video image, right click and "copy video URL". In a new session "paste and go" in the address bar. On that YouTube landing page, you'll see video's 1-15 shown individually in a YouTube panel at the upper right.
  20. Badger73

    The CM2 FAQ Thread

    Credit goes to "Proambulator". He posted 15 CMx2 tutorials from 2012 to 2015. They are very good indeed and a wonderful resource for tackling scenario design.
  21. Badger73

    Could there be a CM Korea?

    Yes, easily. Deja vu all over again. 😎 Long long ago (2006), in a galaxy far away, Battlefront provided a real-time strategy game of mechanized combat in the far future; Drop Zone. I would have liked to have tried it before it went away.
  22. Badger73

    CMFB started crashing a lot

    What other processes are running on you PC when this happens? Any Windows updates to your O/S lately?