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  1. I suspect it has to do with authorized vendors; the bureaucracy of government procurement protocols. While I am not familiar with the British Ministry of Defence, the United States Department of Defense will only award contracts to authorized vendors who complete and maintain a pretty onerous vetting process. I know of several situations in the US where people from small organizations who are not vetted sub-contracted through CACI which is thoroughly vetted in order to perform Defense Department work. It makes sense to me that Battlefront would piggy-back off of someone else's credentials to avoid vetting hassles and costs at the small price of a reasonable fee through the agency of someone like Slitherine/Matrix. Tre' cool video. Thanks for sharing.
  2. What happens when you specify a "Target Armor" arc at the direction of the enemy threat?
  3. Any word on what's going on with the long forthcoming "Patton's Charge / Bradley at Bay" module? I'm very interested in that one.
  4. Off the cuff, I'd check how @umlaut's mods are tagged and then check (in the scenario editor) how that scenario is mod tagged. The original/older CM titles didn't use mod tagging as much as is done these days.
  5. I noticed that there is no sound of incoming shells before rounds detonated on the target area.
  6. @patrik pass - After you get your feet wet in this H2H match, consider checking out The Few Good Men to find future opponents. Good luck and good gaming.
  7. I suppose that's true when you count all CM games and maps. Within CMBN though, this specific bug regularly ruins play. It is not trivial within that title. However, I do understand that debugging it will be a major effort diverting resources from other more profitable work. I hope someone might wake up in the middle of the night, say "Eureka!", and find a fix for it soon though.
  8. Check here --> Combat Mission 2x Scenario List
  9. Normally, I would agree with you, especially at the normal anti-tank weapon ranges for the US Army WW2 37mm anti-tank gun.. However, by firing at 25 yards (@20 meters) distance from the rear of the targeted panzer's engine, I'm willing to believe this is likely a true story.
  10. I purchased a game as a gift once by buying another copy for myself a long while back. If I recall correctly, I emailed the order confirmation email information, download link, and order activation code to the person I gifted.
  11. @kohlenklau - If I'm calculating things correctly, you've been absent 15-March through last Sunday, 15-December. It's good to see your return. Welcome back. 😉
  12. This bug ruins bocage scenario's. It made @Holdit's beautifully crafted Ad Hoc at Chef-du-Pont unplayable for the Germans
  13. Right. This is the "run towards the enemy" bug. Here a two threads mentioning it but there are other places it's been noted too; Irrational Behaviour and Annoying withdrawal towards the enemy behaviour. As I best recollect, it was fixed in all the titles except CMBN and has something to do with the TacAI in bocage terrain.
  14. I suspect that Axis/Allied manufacturing capabilities played a role here. As time passed, Allied production outpaced Axis abilities and surpassed aircraft replacement rates. Here's what Wikepedia shows.
  15. Check out The Few Good Men. They host a pretty active multi-player community.
  16. Brazilian Army - per R2V release notes Engineer Battalion 44 Infantry Battalion 44 (lorried) Regimental Antitank Company 44 Antiaircraft Battery (field) Cavalry Troop Bunker- M1 57mm
  17. Two partitions of the same drive, not SSD. My C partition is smaller so I keep all my game (including STEAM) files on D. I've been playing CMFI for years from my D drive. I used the "smaller" .rar file Engine 4 2.02 patched installer from URL = https://battlefront.sharefile.com/d-s5053bf0726c4c5d8
  18. That's sub-optimal but I'll try it for now. I still think this new installer has a hard-coded "documents" directory drive error. When time permits, please ask someone to check it against the previous installers used for CMFI. As an FYI, both my CMBN and CMFB games run from a "programs" directory on my D drive using a D drive "Documents" directory. Those installers might help for comparison. Thanks for your help. 👍
  19. Right, that wasn't the case before. Everything is on my "D" drive. Hmmm, my CMFI/GL game files are in "D" directory; D:\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Fortress Italy\Game Files\Scenarios has no R2V files. However, I find all my R2V games files are on my "C" drive. C:\Users\mvang\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Fortress Italy\Game Files\Scenarios has 15 items. C:\Users\mvang\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Fortress Italy\Game Files\Campaigns has 2 files. These scenarios and campaigns are now what shows up in my game even though my game's "exe" file is located in my "D" drive at "D:\Program Files (x86)\Battlefront\Combat Mission Fortress Italy\CM Fortress Italy.exe". It appears that the installer correctly updated the program files where I prompted on my "D" drive but instead created the R2V files on my "C" drive. The game is defaulting to "C" for it's data files despite my pointing the installer to "D"
  20. @BFCElvis I think something's amiss. I successfully downloaded, installed, and activated selecting ""D:\Program Files (x86)\Battlefront\Combat Mission Fortress Italy" as the directory where my game resides. When I "play" the game and select "battles", only the R2V scenario's appear. All the CMFI/GL stuff is absent. The "Activation" screen showed all modules present and available to play. Please advise. Thanks.
  21. More details here - "Rome to Victory Pre-orders are now open" thread:
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