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  1. I love it. I'm not great at it; still trying to get used to a totally tech-inferior US Army, but I love it. I've started using some Quick Maps to play around with different scenarios and force compositions and such. I do miss my Javelins, though. The Dragon just isn't enough.
  2. Okay. Somewhat back on topic, I suppose. What were the overall roles of light infantry type troops? Paratroopers, Special Forces, Commandos, SAS, etc. I mean, once one side or the other decided to cross the line of departure.
  3. Sorry, I didn't mean it the way it came out. It looks like a nightmare solution to me. Like you said: inferior numbers and either peer or inferior equipment. I suppose that the Bradley and the Abrams were huge game changers then. The advantages that your force would have had are things I do not have: knowledge of the terrain and prepared plan and all that.
  4. That was essentially how I managed, or attempted to manage, it. I lost my TOW platoon pretty earlier on because they weren't hull down enough and I let them sit still for too long and basically sat back and hid until the rest of the company came onto line. I was able to blunt the attack but it wasn't pretty. I understand that the basic overall plan of the day was for the forces in Europe to hold and defend long enough for reinforcements and resupply to make it to the US and that the hope was that NATO Airpower would defeat Warsaw Pact armored superiority. I guess it didn't hit me as to how difficult that would have been in those years until I fired this up.
  5. Probably just a by product of the Soviet Telekinesis experiments. Nina Kulagina was here!
  6. Alright everyone, thank you very much for the information.
  7. What are the equipment differences in the '79 and '82 campaign?
  8. Yes, I noticed the vulnerability of the M60 almost immediately. I set up my tank platoon into a firing line on a short ridge in the NTC map and thought to myself "Awwww yeah, here we go. Time to bring hell to those commie bast-oh ****!" So, I should essentially protect them the same way I'm protecting the Tank Hunter platoon. Ensure they're hull down or have relatively useful cover and concealment and just totally forget they are tanks.
  9. Okay, So I need to be a lot more careful with movement and pay more attention to microterrain, attack or defend slices of the opfor formation, and have consideration for fallback positions after firing. I have also noticed some strange LOS issues. During the NTC campaign, I placed a FO at the top of the ride on the US Left. I did not have the team skyline themselves, I gave a Move command to a couple of tiles below the plane and then a Sneak + Hide and short fire arc to the top. The team was able to observe enemy movement as normal, but they were also instantly seen by the opposing force and obliterated in short order. Fine, there's no cover or anything on the ridge and that's fine; I can make a semi-reasonable argument for how a buttoned BMP was able to see a couple of dudes on a hill from it's flank. But I've also seen this in other examples: infantry teams who sneak into wooded areas and observe enemy troops or vehicles who then immediately get spotted. I haven't played since Black Sea first came out and there have been some Engine updates since then; could that be part of it? Did troops suddenly become more observant over the last few years? [quote] For a more detailed look, this is the field manual: https://play.google.com/books/reader?id=My8-u2rYNVoC&hl THE TANK AND MECHANIZED INFANTRY COMPANY TEAM (FM71-1, 1977) Edited 6 minutes ago by domfluff[/quote] That's great! Thank you.
  10. Looks really cool. Team Yankee was the first thing I thought it when I saw the Cold War page.
  11. Hello everyone. I am a long time Combat Mission player going all the way back to Beyond Overlord. I am more or less comfortable with gameplay mechanics and everything, but I ran into a huge speed bump with Cold War. I am a GWOT veteran and grew up in an age of Javelins, TOWs, Bradleys, and all that ****. My question is this: How in the hell does a mechanized infantry company with M113s and a couple of Dragons fend off, or attack, a motor rifle company with BMPs? I mean, the 113 is about useless in that fight so I realize it's about correct positioning of the dismounted element but how on earth is my couple of Dragon dudes supposed to carry the day in that fight?
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