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  1. Oh, I would have the same question. I didn´t bought it yet because I don´t have a PC right now which can run the game properly, only a simple notebook for work. Buying would be an option, but not downloading. And I have retail version of the base game, don´t have the usual CMSF key for it, so I will need the help of the Helpdesk about it later on.
  2. Thank you for the update. Appreciate the information
  3. Great video IICptMillerII. The pacing is much better than in the last one and and also the perspectives and lighting is more pleasing. Really enjoyed watching it, thanks for sharing.
  4. I think patience is key. Let Battlefront decide when to release the game, they know best about their product. It is not that we will really miss about something, just that we have to wait a little bit longer, which is fine.
  5. Well, an animation is played in the model independently of its actual movement on the map. Animation and movement are not syncronized, for this reason, it looks somehow strange. In Combat Mission it seems the animation is related on the movement-order of the unit, while its speed is depending on the terrain where it is moving. While it might look correctly on a street tile, the movement looks strange in the forest or in a march.
  6. Wow this is amazing. The paintjob on the vehicles look very good, and the level of improvisation to bring up a believable Turkish army is enormous. Didn´t expect it would come this far. Good job.
  7. Because they are both right. Every solution, that keeps Battlefront in business is the right solution, that doesn´t mean, it is the best solution. I believe that other solutions might be better solutions, as I think there are ways to optimize the business model of Battlefront, although I would strongly agree with some points of Steve. Humble communication for example, don´t hide flaws and be honest about it, the audience will appreciate it and will get the right expecations about the game. That is especially true for a niche game like Combat Mission. Wargaming like this isn´t a product for a diverse audience. It is not that I would have no idea what I am talking about, I am in a very smilar position, with a very similar audience for our product. We have our own solutions for the problems which we are facing and we are doing well with it. There isn´t just one solution.
  8. This is the first proper video of CMSF2, the game hasn´t been published yet. I would not be able to post such a video. Why? Because I don´t work for Battlefront. So I was under the impression, that he is an Battlefront official. Why would "somebody" post the first video of a new game before the company itself?
  9. I didn´t know that this is a volunteer efford, how could I know. For me it looked like something done by the Battlefront team. I still don´t like the quality of the video, but I was maybe overreacting and too harsh. Sorry, my fault.
  10. That might be very difficult from a technical perspective. Especially animations can be difficult. I am not sure if the engine is able to play animations at different speeds and to synchronize them properly with the movement speed of the unit.
  11. @IICptMillerII for this intention, it worked quite fine. No hard feelings against you, I think you do a good job. @Battlefront.com Yes, I see that. As I told you before, for fans of the game, everything new to see is great. I made my point clear, why I think the video is not good, from two perspectives. First, what the not good content was specificly, and secondly why it was not good in perspective to which people. The only open question is, does it matter. I say yes You say no, because "that was not our goal". Fine. No bad feelings here, just constructive critics, customer feedback. It was not my intent, to open up a discussion about it, just to point out a weak-point to be reinforced. Thats the function of a dispute, change and improvement. I should have known better, that this would start an argument, as my point was controversial. This wasn´t my intention, and I am sorry about it. Maybe it was, because I am working in the field, PR of a videogame, and the flaws were basically stabbing me in the eye. Same job, just another company. But I already explained everything about it. So, no need to discuss it further. Continue, I am looking forward to CMSF2
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