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  1. Having purchased V4.0 a few days ago I thought I'd give this a whirl. I'm a habitual Lurker but I enjoyed this scenario and the beautiful map so much it's forced me out of Lurkdom to say a big thanks! Looks like I'm going to keep returning to this one: I very very much appreciate the multiple plans. The scenario that keeps on giving... Perhaps it's called the Last Defence because it Lasts! Knotso Silent
  2. I'm forced yet again from silent lurkdom to give words of encouragement (is this a trick?). I'm pouring over every picture and studying every word.. I can't wait for the next instalment. I love it! ____________________ Knotso talkative (usually)
  3. +1 Exactly this for me. The map at the beginning was important for context, but after that .. I found I could visualise enough for the story.
  4. l loved them both! An animated gif for a rare "special moment" is great. But it's the CAAR I'm here for.. I certainly did notice the slow-mo : I relish the pics and the story so much that I study each frame for ages before moving on to prolong the enjoyment. When I first saw the comic style for an AAR I wasn't convinced I'd like that approach - but your storytelling is so gripping I'm completely hooked! So much so that I'm compelled to stop lurking momentarily yet again to say so. ---------------------- Knotso silent
  5. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you. Even if I have to break cover from my lurkiness to say so ... Knotso Lurky
  6. Brilliant stuff! I too will miss this AAR which has teased out of lurkerdom ... Thank you.
  7. Wicky The problem at the end of Night Stalkers is well documented here - and the subject of a number of threads and many posts. The only way I have managed to open the next battle in the campaign - and believe me I've tried everything in desperation - is to surrender. I know, it's a bit galling to surrender a battle when you're winning, but as a Commander you have to think about the whole Campaign, not just a battle... Others seemed to have got past the point by reinstalling and other means (but didn't work for me). Let us know how you get on.. I know how frustrating it is having got so far in the Campaign and I hope BF gets around to fixing this, but, having moved on, I have concluded that it's a minor irritation in what is otherwise a great game and the only one I play. I'm looking forward to the Brit module and hope that the Campaign there won't stick.. __________________________________ Knotso - frustrated
  8. Me too! Exact same problem. Another thread suggests either reinstall from scratch (remembering to copy precious saved games elsewhere first - uninstall deletes them!) or surrendering... He goes again - I have lost count how many times I have reinstalled... but better than surrendering! Which I may have have to do at some point ________________________________________ Knotso - happy
  9. Just to let you know I reinstalled everything and the gods must have been smiling - I can load all the saved games suddenly and everything's working perfectly. Whoopee! I'm not sure what happened, but I'm dead pleased! Thanks for everything. _______________________ Knotso - dispondent any more
  10. Thanks - I'm going to do just that. Your explanation make things clearer and I understand now why the one saved game I can use is different to the others. The only problem is that I didn't play (nor save) any games in previous versions to v1.11. I applied patches v1.10 and v1.11 before playing anything in the game for the very first time - straight out of the wrapper so to speak. Thanks for the pointers - I'll scrub it and and start again. _______________________________ Knotso - ignorant now
  11. Are you supposed to be able to continue a battle from a Saved game? Having tried to resume the second battle in the Campaign from any number of saved games (more than 20) - only ONE will successfully load (the one immediately after the first battle [berm?]). All the others start to load - 5%, 25%, 35%... then jump to 92%, the picture is scrambled and I get a message that the .exe has an error and CM:SF bombs out.:eek: I haven't tried the other 'single' battles yet to see what they do. I haven't being playing this game very long as I wanted to wait until ALL the patches were out, and as the Paradox v1.11 has only been available for a few days.. I've played all the CMx1 versions to death now. Not being able to load from any saved game is very frustrating! I'll try reloading the game again (and applying all the patches) I suppose Otherwise a FANTASTIC game (as were all the others).. ________________________________________ Knotso - pleased
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