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  1. Blazing 88's

    Briefings Text mod

    If you have an Nvidia video card, turn off FXAA as it makes text fuzzy in CM. That is all I know of for clearer text issues.
  2. Blazing 88's

    RTS & Wego

    Yes. Everything mod wise into "z".
  3. Blazing 88's

    RTS & Wego

    I tried RTS once a long time ago... Upon exiting, I quickly put duct tape over the 'Single Player, Real Time' option, never to be used again... 🦆 🦆 🦆 Actually, I did very well in the mission too (It was Barkman's Corner).
  4. One of the main reasons I update the video cards manually. Also, I am not one to just update them right away anyways. If all is working well.....
  5. It should, does for me. After setting it in the Nvidia Profile Inspector and applying the changes, it should show up in the Nvidia Control Panel as Vertical sync: Custom (at least for me it does).
  6. Not everyone has that option, pending the type of Nvidia card (like me for example on my laptop). My desktop Nvidia card has that option. That is why I suggested using Nvidia Inspector to select the half refresh option, as it's not an end all if it's not in your Nvidia Control Panel.
  7. Do you use Nvidia Inspector to select those options? If not, that is how I force the selection (only way I can actually).
  8. Blazing 88's

    My Wish List for Modern CM4 titles

    ...Modern titles... CM: Twilight 2000 - Last Battle (for CMSF someone created this Twilight 2000 campaign) CM: BATTLETECH 🙂
  9. Loved AH Tobruk, now Tobruk/ATS. I even ended up using those rules (AH Tobruk modified; 1"=1 hex) for tabletop miniature WWII wargaming back in the '80s. Also, the reason why I loved Steel Panthers so much (still do sometimes with SPWaW).
  10. I just mentioned this a few weeks ago in another thread... I miss ROQC RobO' Quick Campaign Generator (Author: RobO at CMODS III) CMBB: http://cmx1mods.greenasjade.net/mods?author_id=20&game_type=3 and CMAK: http://cmx1mods.greenasjade.net/mods?author_id=20&game_type=2 The automated Excel spreadsheet version was awesome. I really wish it could work for the CMx2 series.
  11. Blazing 88's

    cmsf2 custom intro

  12. Blazing 88's

    cmsf2 custom intro

    AdBlocker Plus (Firefox) is a friend with moments like these...
  13. Blazing 88's

    Map question: Symbols xxx and xx

    This would be a tricky one to google search at work!! 🙂
  14. Fyi, not sure it will help you out, but some good info none the less... Giving infantry units a pause order at the last waypoint keeps them on the spotting routine with their heads up, otherwise, they hit the deck and don't spot /see as much.
  15. Blazing 88's

    Terrain Description

    Good Lord Mord... do tell... "what kind of grass mod are you using?!" 🙂