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  1. Blazing 88's

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    I am guessing (intel integrated video card) with the new install of the demo, your onboard Intel graphics card is now running the game. If Nvidia, use the control panel and make a profile for the demo.
  2. Aww what the hell... Let's see what Phil has to say. I endorse this forth coming message:
  3. Blazing 88's

    Improvement suggestions

    In regards to the title of the thread.... Backtrack the timeline for CM WWII to include North Africa, Barbarossa, France 40. That would be fantastic and the best improvement I could ever want for CM...
  4. Blazing 88's

    Improvement suggestions

    I assume the compass can be used in all CMx2 family of games, not just CMBN?
  5. FIXED!! 🤡..........
  6. Blazing 88's

    They meant september of next year!

    Sorry, all I could find.... 🤡
  7. Blazing 88's

    Tips for spotting AT guns

    F'n assume books!! I have approx. 12 or more from the series. Love 'em. Not just those books... Many, many accounts. But hey believe what YOU want to believe, I am not going to try and change your mind about what you think about those accounts. I will say this though... MORE PaK!!!
  8. Blazing 88's

    Tips for spotting AT guns

    Many, many accounts of German tank crews crushing manned AT guns under their tracks during assaults (in books like in the 'Panzer Aces, II, III', etc). By accounts, especially on the WWII Eastern Front, more AT guns should be encountered not less.
  9. Blazing 88's

    Battlefield tactics?

    Big tip for helping your engineers /pioneer platoons survive longer (WEGO)... when you want to breach something with the 'Blast' order, give a 45 sec. pause (at the beginning of the turn) then a 'Blast' order. It takes approx. 15 sec. for a 'Blast' order to be carried out. At the beginning of the next turn, you can prevent the pioneers from moving through the breach into an ambush or whatever and instead move other cannon fodder pixeltruppen through the breach. Pioneers have a tendency to keep following their blast waypoint path through the breach, this is a way to prevent that from happening. One of the best tips I stumbled across on this forum... along with hundreds of others.
  10. Blazing 88's

    Battlefield tactics?

  11. lol... tears. 🤣
  12. Blazing 88's

    Scenario Help

    Just stumbled upon your post... I checked my backup and I have this zip file PDF collection of 'Poor Old Spike' tests of various conditions in CMx1 games. You may find it of interest as well as maybe find an answer to the 'HT move through scattered trees' question, not sure though. Here is a dropbox link for the zip file, I will keep active for now: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x26llrcnuqfmq5a/PoorOldSpike_PDF.zip?dl=0