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  1. Thank you Steve, truly wonderful. I haven't tried the other upgrades, but will now. Merry Christmas, put an extra finger-full in your eggnog for me
  2. Thanks Steve Battlefront.com, Inc. Purchase Order - 310222 I also tried activating after turning my protection off, still no go. I'm sure i'm going to be very embarrassed when I find out what i'm doing wrong.
  3. Hi Hilts, Try searching on 'activate' in C:\Users\<Computer name>\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission. You should get a short cut to 'Activate Modules'. See if that works, although you are taking advise from a guy that can't get the CMBN v4 upgrade to work yet. Also look in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Battlefront\Combat Mission Battle for Normandy, should be there too.
  4. Nope, bought the bundle, only tried CMBN, so far, was already patched to 3.12. I open CMBN, I can see lower right corner, says 'v4.00 Game Engine 4' Get the error messaage 'License Failure: Base game 4.0 is required. Please run the Activate New Products utility and enter the license key. Visit...' In the CMBN directory, I hit the 'Activate New products' short cut, opens the 'Activate New Products - CMBN' screen, I enter manually, I paste, my bundle upgrade license key, and get 'Invalid Serial Number.' ?? Needless to say this is very embarrassing given after Steve's fix everyone else's seems to work.
  5. Spoiler - Custer's Stand Loving this game, but came across an issue with a veteran 3 man M1919A4 MG team in 'deployed' status, in a cathedral bell tower, level 8 of 8, giving up 'deployed' status to reposition on the same level, when an enemy attack comes in. The MG team repositions on it's own losing 'deployed' status, even though they had LOS to the area of attack. I did a forum search on 'deploy' and found issues, but nothing quite like this. I know heavy weapons positioning in buildings can be an issue, but haven't seen this before. I have a saved game of the turn the enemy attacks, will do forum search on how to submit, too large to attach here. MG team in question is in the Eastern cathedral.
  6. Reading Evans, aircraft production figures; 'US '42 - 48,000; '43 - 86,000; '44 - 114,000 Sov '40 -21,000; '43 - 37,000 Brit '40 - 15,000; '41 - 20,000; '42 23,000; '43 - 35,000; '44 - 47,000 Ger '40 - 10,000; '41 - 11,000; '42 - 15,000;'43 - 26,000; '44 - 40,000 Similar ratios for tanks So the Germans were outnumbered roughly 5 to one, had their operational orders read by their enemies before they could issue them (Enigma), still managed to be on the strategic offensive into '42, then lasted for three more years on the defensive. They must have been doing something right, don't you think? Perhaps it was their incredibly effective use of hampstertruppen.
  7. Thanks for asking- Hope these haven't already been announced/are redundant Keep: 1. WEGO 2. Emphasis on realism 3. Ability to command individual units 4. Infantry and armor modeling (although if true that all tanks use the same frontal and flank silhouette to determine if/where a hit is made, it would be nice if at least different turret and hull dimensions could be modeled in addition to armor quality, angle and thickness) 5. WWII focus (at least initially) Add/Change: 1. Campaign feature - select one from a choice of historical divisions to follow a group of representative core units at co/bn level through the division's historical battles/campaigns; core units start at historic levels of unit experience and leadership quality then are impacted by battle (unit experience and leadership quality improve or decrease depending on unit and leader casualties, time to rest, refit and train between battles, quality of replacements, battle results [win, lose, casualties inflicted], national preparedness/military character); each unit and leader in the core group (including replacement units/leaders as they come in) has a randomly assigned experience/leader quality potential (not viewable by the player) less than or equal to the game allowable maximum biased by nationality and branch of service (i.e. most core units and leaders will end a campaign with something less than game maximum traits in all categories, e.g. more German infantry and armor units and leaders will have experience and leader quality potentials near or at game maximums than will Russian infantry and armor units and leaders); unit/leader experience/quality can not advance beyond its potential; allow some 'realistic' degree of unit non-doctrinal equipment/ammo augmentation over time(e.g. more BARs/sqd, more ammo per MG) and internal non-doctrinal reorganization (e.g. add two BAR teams to the plt HQ), allow portability of core units to follow-on CMX2 games 2. Artillery and CAS - planning, control, responsiveness (e.g. plot FPFs; Inf and armor Plt,Co,Bn level HQs capable of calling for situation realistic level of arty support; refined accuracy, volume of fire and delays for planned vs unplanned fires and targets based on historic national artillery branch quality) 3. Command and control - allow player set pre-battle chain of command (task organize); battle field succession (someone has to be in charge, occasionally an improvement); also 'realistic' Inf/Ar HQ control of artillery (see 2 above) 4. Infantry squad and Platoon level formations/commands - column, line, wedge, Vee, and related movement, firing and engagement impacts 5. Dismounted scouting - Infantry scouts/OPs vs half squads; dismounted TCs; leaders recon; prone stationary position
  8. Thanks Andreas. On the Pz III's, they only had 4 vehicles per platoon in 1942? That's what they get in the scenario. As for a patch, there is a recent rumor on this forum that BTS might do one more 'final' patch.
  9. Thanks PvK. You confirmed the issue with the Pz IIIs and PZ IVs. In the scenario editor, 1942 platoons of Pz IIIs and IVs are listed at 4 vehicles each. 1943 platoons of IIIs and IVs are listed at 5 vehicles each. Anyone think this is worth mentioning to BTS?
  10. Thanks guys. Any more grogs out there? Anyone capable of defending the BFC OBs? or is this enough grog concurrence to go to BFC with a suggestion the OBs need to be looked at?
  11. Hi Scarhead etal- Sorry I've been away so long. RL and my kid's soccer season has limited my BCR time. Scarhead, I did add a number of macros to make the BCR autosheet even more automatic, such things as updating experience, taking regular replacements, resetting favor, introducing replacement leaders and units, but haven't added all of them yet. I don't have a good answer for the emergency reorg question Uhu asked about, mainly because everyone's attachments are apt to be different, therefore have a different number of men to reinforce the core force with. All for now.
  12. I notice the 42 OBs for German medium tanks (Pzs III and IVs) have 4 tanks per platoon and the 43 OBs have 5 tanks per platoon. I thought historically it was the opposite? Thanks in advance.
  13. Anyone notice the 42 OBs for German medium tanks (Pzs III and IVs) have 4 tanks per platoon then for the same vehicle they have 5 tanks per platoon in the 43 OBs. I thought historically it was the opposite. Sorry if I missed this discussion long ago.
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