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    Vanir Ausf B got a reaction from rocketman in A Muddy Affair vs the AI   
    Yes, if the road is unpaved. They are assumed to have drainage ditches along the sides.
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to Rinaldi in ARMOR Article from latest Fall Issue: Difficulty in returning to a 'Conventional' stance   
    ARMOR is always an interesting read, and this article in particular was a great one; shows how long it can take a military to shake off the cobwebs of COIN related environments.
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    Vanir Ausf B got a reaction from Bulletpoint in PBEM file 33 corrupt, crashes game. Can it be saved?   
    Post or email to me the last file you received from him along with both passwords.
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    Vanir Ausf B got a reaction from Bulletpoint in Infantry locating distant AT-guns despite heavy fog   
    There can be up to 3 different max visibility ranges at the same time:
    1) Maximum area fire distance 
    2) Maximum "?" spotting distance 
    3) Maximum confirmed spotting distance 
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    Vanir Ausf B got a reaction from Bulletpoint in Quick question...   
    The speed at which the tank is moving does affect the distance at which it can be heard. 
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    Vanir Ausf B got a reaction from IanL in Quick question...   
    The speed at which the tank is moving does affect the distance at which it can be heard. 
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to TimUA in Area target question   
    I would rather reask this quistion this way: is it possible to target different action spots in the same turn?
    Yes, it is possible, at least for infantry(not support weapons). Do next: 
    1. Give move order to the tile where you want to shoot from initally
    2. then give target order from this waypoint to the aimed area 
    3. then set the pause, to let your unit shoot during this pause
    4. then plot another move order to anywhere else.
    5 DRAG and DROP the second waypoint on the same tile where 1st waypoint located. The 1st waypoint will look like pyramide, the 2nd one will look like a ball.
    6. Choose the 2nd waypoint(the ball) and give target (or target light) order to another direction.

    This way your infantry will move to the 1st point, then shoot 1st aim during the pause you've set, then switch to another aim and shoot at it WITHIN one turn.
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to Bulletpoint in Squads breaking cover for no reason?   
    I played the same mission yesterday, and while I agree it's a tough nut to crack, I saw plenty of cases where the AI ran into the streets to get cut to pieces. Somehow it's never as painful when it happens to the enemy as to my own guys
    I don't think they will ever fix this behaviour 100 pct, but I feel there's still room for improvement. A basic check to not let troops run towards known threats (contacts) might go a long way. And if there's no escape route without enemy contacts, then to stay.
    Staying put when under fire in a building might not guarantee survival, but it often seems the more "believable" choice. At least as I see it.
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    Vanir Ausf B got a reaction from Bulletpoint in A Muddy Affair vs the AI   
    Yes, if the road is unpaved. They are assumed to have drainage ditches along the sides.
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to Oliver_88 in New features curiosity   
    Not sure whether this would count as being an relevant one for this thread, but would wish for the quick battles purchase screen to more closely match the scenario editor purchase screen, for most part because saddens me an bit that in the quick battles purchase screen (for CMBN) some formations are not available (for example Machinegun Battalion and Parachute Battalion for the British Army) and some cannot be purchased with their transport (for example Air Landing Battalion and Antitank Battery [independent] for the British Army). But also as I think in quick battles would be good/interesting to be able to choose formations from more than one Army be able to tailor the supply, headcount and vehicle status for my units.
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to Chudacabra in New features curiosity   
    I would really like to be able to adjust both forces in QB, not just the attacker.
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to GVKT in Brandenburgers   
    Hello, my name is Georgina Von Konrat. I am Georg's daughter. He and my mother lived together for 17 years after his boat arrived in Australia. Unfortunately he and my mother separated when I was quite young, but during my early years he married again and had another daughter who he ultimately left Australia with and went to NZ. From New Zealand he did go to South Africa and was imprisoned for acts against apartheid. My half sister is able to attest to this. They did escape via Angola and flew to the UK where they were interned as refugees. They finally settled in the UK and Georg died in Wales some years ago. My half sister reports that our father never slept a day in his life. That in the moments when he did sleep he screamed and shouted his way through his nightmares. He was able to tell her some of his stories and many others too. With the help of my mother he was able to write. What he remembers and whether or not it is entirely correct according to the history books remains his secret. We, my brother Matthew and I continue the search for our other family members lost to that terrible war. Georg came out of the war with injuries both mental and physical. What really happened is probably of little significance - what ever happened  destroyed his life, destroyed him and destroyed our family and the possibility of him ever reaching his full potential.
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to IMHO in Russian army under equipped?   
    Tough guy technical

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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to Chudacabra in Black Sea II   
    Personally, I would rather see resourced directed towards CM: Fulda Gap than Black Sea 2. 
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to HerrTom in How accurate *is* CMBS?   
    I'd contend that this point needs some slight change in wording - Near misses within 10/20/30m should sometimes result in total immobilization and/or considerable module damage.
    From my investigations before the amount of damage and what gets hit will be highly variable - especially as you get further and further away.
    Good work though, I love the data!
    Do you have a link to these sources?  I'd love to take a look
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to IMHO in How accurate *is* CMBS?   
    By the way, instant ATGM launch acquisition works for Javelin teams as well. But what's the real life story behind it? Javelin's regular CLU does not have a laser rangefinder to set off LWRs, Javelin launch is undetectable by Doppler radars at all reasonable launch ranges... So what's the magic that allows CMBS tanks to know they're fired upon when real life tanks do not know?
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to IMHO in How accurate *is* CMBS?   
    CMBS setup
    12 T-90As vs 12 spotters and 12 Paladins, firing Excaliburs. Three runs in three columns. Damage indicates only tracks damage as even direct hits are able to damage no module but tracks (though one can destroy the vehicle outright).
    destroyed 1 2 1 immobilized 5 1 2 red circle 1 0 1 yellow circle 0 2 3 yellow square 2 1 1 no damage 3 6 4 Penetrations / Direct hits 1/3 2/3 1/3
    Reality check source
    Who Says Dumb Artillery Cannot Kill Armor by Maj. (Ret.) George A. Durham, Field Artillery Journal, Nov-Dec 2002, results of the four year US Army study for 155 HEs
    Effect of a direct hit:
    Real-life: "A direct hit with an HE round with a PD fuze consistently destroyed the various target vehicle" - I assume they mean 100% destruction CM - 4/9 ~44% destruction Effect of a near miss:
    Real-life: "155-mm rounds that impact within 30 meters cause considerable damage". I'd say from the context and photos by considerable they mean enough damage to take the tank out of battle though it may be available for further out-of-battle repairs. Out-of-battle repairs would be out of the CM context so they equal to total kills.
    The damage model provides for track damage only - no damage to gun, targeting etc. whatsoever. I didn't test with other vehicles but it may be CM engine models the damage only for penetrations. I.e. the engine first calculates whether the projectile is able to penetrate and IF it penetrated CM calculates the damage it may cause inside. It may be true for all the armour present in the game or it may be limited to ERA-equipped vehicles and/or tanks/heavy armour. Moreover I saw cases when a projectile hits ERA (text label) then it "goes though the tank", creates the crated and disabled the tracks.
    Track-damage - approximate meters, except for 2-3 cases all craters were at the sides of the vehicle
    1-2m - immobilized
    3-4m - red circle / yellow circle / yellow square
    5-6m+ - no damage whatsoever
    @Battlefront.com, does it qualify for a steps 2-3-4? To propose a remedy one has to know how the engine works inside. Or it will be wild dreaming.
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to Artkin in How accurate *is* CMBS?   
    I think artillery is underpowered versus armored vehicles. Haiduk's evidence on the matter (They were T-64's?) solidified my views. I hope BFC will respond on the subject sometime. 
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to Mord in 2 Years, 1 month, and 10 days, since Rome module   
    ECHO echo echo choo choo oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo
    Mord ooord ooord ooord ooord ooord ooord ooord
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to Bulletpoint in Fire in the future?   
    Maybe some of you remember this old game, featuring turn based combat and plenty of fire.

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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in How accurate *is* CMBS?   
    Great thread on advanced tank armour (NERA) here (I suspect @IMHO is familiar with it):  http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/topic/553-****ing-nera-everywhere/
    Similar thread for ERA:  http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/topic/574-explosive-reactive-armor/
    The current proposed armour upgrades do actually cover the frontal aspect, these would (AFAIK) be applied in addition to the upgraded side armour (as seen in CM:BS) in high threat environments.  This in itself is an acknowledgement of the threat presented by modern ATGMs/RPGs (& Russia's improved long-rod penetrators):

    PS - Wow!  The forum word filter sorted the title without breaking the link, I'm actually pretty impressed by that! 
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to kinophile in How accurate *is* CMBS?   
    Yup, the reaction/acquisition speed is AI fast, not "human" fast. (Which is just a harbinger of the real future of mech warfare (say, within 15/20 years)...) 
    That incredibly quick 180 deg turret swing  is just depressing. I see that happen and I know I'm facing losses of 3:1., weather I win or no. A pyhrric win, at that ratio,  in real life 
    So for me it's the acquisition part of the loop that breaks my immersion. 
    Now and then I play UKR v US just to feel how the Iraqis did. 

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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to HerrTom in How accurate *is* CMBS?   
    And Israeli armour isn't? I would imagine they'd pay attention to ATGMs after their experience in 1973... What do you have to back this up? Why is their armour not capable of defeating ATGMs by virtue of not being British, American or German? (Obviously superior Kruppstahl notwithstanding! )
    I agree with the sentiment on LWRs though, it definitely seems much too fast. Even with thermal optics there is a lot of stuff to look at in a 30 degree arc to survey before you can dial in that team of two or three guys hiding in a bush!
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    Vanir Ausf B reacted to IMHO in How accurate *is* CMBS?   
    Not quite right... Ehhh... CMBS' LWR-equipped tanks (like M1) acquire ATGM-launchers almost instanteniously. What is the basis for such a behaviour when real life LWRs (Thales, Leonardo) give you 30/45 degrees sector??? Instant target acquisition in a 30/45 degrees sector at a distance of 2-4km??? Why not have an Abrams with an ion-gun then?
    And it has profound impact on the gameplay. In real life (Yemen, Syria) we see tanks being burned every time they are careless enough while facing an ATGM-armed opposition. In CMBS a platoon of Abramses can simply drive through the whole map blasting everyone around.
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    Vanir Ausf B got a reaction from IanL in Bug? MG can't fire from bunker   
    Yet a LMG42 can shoot out of a shelter bunker firing from the shoulder. Seems like an inconsistency so I'll report it.
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