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  1. I might be wrong but i always felt like in cm vehicles simply have a reverse speed somewhre 30%-50% of their max forward speed. If that is the case it might actually need an engine upgrade to fix but would also be something quite worthwile doing as especially for tanks it can have a big effect.
  2. You can playback. Depending on if youre attacker or defender after or before the new order phase.
  3. 40m bar+4 garands 3.75 vs 1lmg42 4.4 80m bar+4 garands 1.45 vs 1lmg42 1.45 120m bar+4 garands 0.8 vs 1lmg42 0.8 160m bar+4 garands 0.55 vs 1lmg 0.46 192m bar+4 garands 0.44 vs 1lmg 0.34 Note this is against foxholes which provide some of the best cover ingame. So at relevant small arms ranges its overall similar with the lmg doing better at shorter ranges. Note that supression isnt factored in here. 312m bar 32rpm vs Bren 44rpm vs lmg42 71rpm so assuming each supress as much per round youre still left with quite a bit higher supression. Supression reduc
  4. How is 80-100% moe firepower compared to a normal lmg only slightly outperforming?
  5. Small arms are only really usefull within 200m and even then only pick up much killing power below 100m Beyond 200m heavy weapons like hmgs, mortars, tank guns, arty matter and small arms fire only serves a purpose in the absnece of these. If they are available small arms fire beyond 200m simply makes the unit a target for larger weapons. Within the 200m though the lmg42 on its own has the same firepower as half an american infantry squad (1bar+4m1). And thats not counting supressive ability. Its one of the weapons that massively outperforms the allied counterparts. The issue
  6. Another thing for your list: GMGs that are mounted on vehicles are significantly less acurate than tripod mounted.
  7. Looking at the CMFB qb points for german afvs it seems to me that they really arent priced based on actual performance. It goes from 241points for a pz4j early to 418points for a king tiger. Unless the battle is on tiny there will rarely be a reason outside of rarity to not go for the heaviest german tanks possible.
  8. A few things to keep in mind for mp Anything except wego becomes practically impossible to controll past platoon level in real time (ive tried). An ingame automated pbem would certainly be nice to have though i think it would be fairly low priority overall since the majority of players interested in it will find their way to the forum or any of the fan forums to organize games.
  9. THX for the reply. Yes i only got my first CM game then. How extensive are these features? What was in other engine upgrades for example?
  10. This might be a stupid question but what does engine upgrade even mean in practical terms?
  11. In Europe, by gpmgs/mmgs and assaultrifles, starting in the mid 30s and certainly being the case by the mid 40s. For what is essentially a mid 20s design thats very good. And i dont think the brits were making a bad decision when getting the bren since they were getting what was the best lmg in the world. That they ended up against one of the best gpmg designs was bad luck they couldnt have forseen. Also note that obsolete isnt useless. Bolt action rifles became obsolete in the mid 30s They still ended up being the most prominent weapons in ww2 due to several factors and they st
  12. Obsolete in the sense that using it gives you a significant disadvantedge. For the rest of your post i really dont get your point tbh.
  13. Where is the difference in usage to an mg42? That seems about as focused on the mg as the germans. A proper mg is simply a better weapon. Just like semiautomatic rifles completely obsoleted boltaction rifles as an infantry weapon and then the assaultrifle obsoleted it. The only place where you still find lmgs is when they are basically just a standard assault rifle with a heavier barrel and a bigger magazine. While the bren was quite possibly the best lmg it simply became obsolete just like the watercooled hmg.
  14. At least for the mg3 that isnt the case. The barrel change mechanism simply doesnt allow thicker barrels. It also would contradict the idea of a general purpose mg. Incidently watercooled mgs have much thinner barrels precisely because they have water to cool them. I havent seen anyone loose them so far and even if they did you can simply let the hot barrel dropp out or use a stick to draw it out. You need 2 men to serve it in the HMG role mostly to be able to move it with the tripod. Everyone else is there to carry spare ammo, the tripod when marching and to give security
  15. Id like to point something out that everyone seems to keep forgetting about high cyclic rate of fire. Its your maximum rate of fire not what you actually fire. Simply firing 3-5 round bursts with 2-3 second breaks in between lowers the strain on ammunition supply to no more than the watercooled mgs of the allies. But in situations where you need the higher rate of fire you can simply use longer bursts and shorter breaks. For Barrel wear and heating actual rounds fired per minute is also the only relevant metric. As for changing the barrel you keep acting as if its a disadvantedge while it
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