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  2. This is a good point. When safe unbutton your vehicles occasionally to allow different elements´ vehicle crews to have a chat with each other or with the infantry so they can share contact information which then is further shared on the different radio nets. I love this CM mechanic, pretty unique.
  3. Upload the images to Imgur, then copy/paste the link here. The forum automatically embeds them and there is no file size restriction. The short answer is; you can easily outspot Syrian armor without ever unbuttoning. The more detailed answer is; in certain circumstances it can be beneficial to unbutton your NATO tanks. Movement to contact is generally a good time to have TCs unbuttoned. If nothing else, they can more easily communicate with units not directly in their command, such as friendly infantry or light vehicles nearby. You don't put yourself at a significant disadvantage if you never unbutton NATO tanks. In real life, TCs tend to stay unbuttoned as much as possible. Not to aid in spotting ground targets though. Mostly to keep situational awareness of what is around the tank, primarily concerning obstacles to avoid while driving and maintaining unit cohesion. TCs also keep a lookout for enemy air units while unbuttoned, such as enemy helicopters. Both of these functions aren't relevant to playing CM though.
  4. My rule of thumb on this comes from what I think is representative in the real world. From what I´ve seen distant & wide obervation its quiet difficult when on the move in unupgraded vintage T-55, T-62, T-72, BMPs. So I may unbutton them in certain situations. Anything more modern or NATO I never unbutton.
  5. In light of this latest so-called men's fashion, am prepared to entertain arguments we're overdue for TEOTWAWKI. https://thombrowneny.tumblr.com/?fbclid=IwAR1ZQhB1WkvMScvTvRWkAm63WSHlc0AW9yJ4-yFX5F9fDXNIK8dMwEBgLcA Regards, John Kettler
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  7. Erwin, The going rate for a box of 30 28 mm figures is USD $40. This is far less than the going rate for any mainstream computer wargame, such as CoD or Halo. Depending on type, AFVs are USD $30-40 per. Of course, if you have/have access to a 3D printer, then costs plummet. If (note conditional) a player sticks to one country and timeframe, then costs can be reasonable, but it's easy to go hog wild and buy many, ahem, armies for nations and periods. BA is about optimizing force structure, whereas CoC follows the CMx2 approach of a per TO&E core force, plus some support options. You've been around long enough to remember what CMx1 was like, with players cherry-picking like no tomorrow following excruciating analysis of firepower numbers at various ranges. In both the BA case and CMx1, in many instances, the battle was decided before a single unit was placed on the board. Am absolutely convinced CoC and CMx2 are the right ways to go. Regards, John Kettler
  8. Hey y'all, Playing 2nd SF2 battle, first one was a blast. Canadians vs insurgents. Next is "Allah's Fist". american armored force moving toward dug / mobile Syrian armor. Looks like fun. I had pictures of my first battle but it seems they are too big, I have to save them in other format. Question: do you ever open up in modern tank warfare? Or stay closed because optics are so good?
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  10. Give over, Declan. You know full well that I am aware of the fact that "There was a whole thread about it", and that I have the 4.02 patch, I've commented on it often enough. And you also know that my comment was specifically about CMBN, and that that is what we need fixing. You are beginning to sound like a member of Johnny Underpants last cabinet (obscure Limey political reference for our USAtian readers).
  11. Deleting faces works like a charm I had a problem with deleting vertices, however I didn´t test if its still present in your new CM2T version as deleting faces is a pretty fine method for me. Okay additionally to the written tutorial here is some footage of me working on stuff, everything is without commentary as usual. You see me struggle there with alot and some steps I wouldn´t do as I´ve learned more in the meantime. Alot goes now alot quicker and easier. Also the tools got updated and there are slightly differences now there. Most important the EXPORT METADATA option upon exporting (check written tutorial above): The videos are in chronology of how I found my way but you don´t obligatory have to watch them all or in order. The Blackhawk Video is the most vital one when it comes to designing new flavor objects and should work well alongside the written tutorial. 1) Design of a Makeshift VBIED (complete process, working with existing CM2 vehicles, NO CUSTOM models) 2) Design of the Humvee Wreck (working with EXISTING models, the model gave me alot of headache because i was moving the original CM primer flavor object around, which also results in the Humvee being abit afloat (use rubble or holes to mask it), today I would not touch the CM flavor primer object and simply turn it invisible with a blank texture (see written tutorial). 3) Making the Humvee Wreck look more destroyed (CUTTING FACES, working with EXISTING models) 4) Updating my Battle M2 Humvee V1 to V2 (involves CUTTING & SCULPTING Techniques, EXISTING models) 5) Complete Design of a DIY Syrian Makeshift APC (EXISTING MODELS, TEXTURE DESIGN TECHNIQUES in GIMP2) Shows the issues that arise when working with complex multi-part items like gun turret mounts. I tried to replace the track with wheels but as you can see in the end they look strange when driving thus I put the track back. 6) Design of the downed Blackhawk Flavor Object, (WORKING WITH NEW FLAVOR MODELS, CUTTING) As texture I simply used existing CMSF2´s "concrete-black.bmp" as I had no clue what to do else. The video ends with the an export error. This was a day before sbobovyc updated his tools with the "EXPORT METADATA" option. By turning this off, the major breakthrough was achieved. Today I would use a SHELTER as original flavor "primer" object as I believe it has less FOV issues when being close to the new custom model. I also would move the helicopter parts into the primer and not vice versa and do not change the primer´s height. I would also keep everything at center (green red line intersection).
  12. Except for mods that chance text. For example Vin's animated text mod. Those will no longer work.
  13. @Aquila-CM We are going to have to sit down one day on Teamviewer and get to the bottom of this problem you encounter with deleting faces.
  14. There was a whole thread about it. So, I won't rehash that here. There is a still an issue with a specific type of bocage that will show this behavior. Of the 6 games that means that only CMBN is affected and, in that, only with that bocage. Other than that it is gone with the 4.02 patch. So, make sure that you have that patch.
  15. Correct. A few things will cause that error but the most common cause is that the original Game Engine 1 version of CMBN will not run on Windows 10. You need at least 1 of the Upgrades. Which is why it cleared up once you started adding Upgrades. Also, if you have the 4.0 (or 3.00) Upgrade you never ever never ever ever ever need to do the step by step installation again. Both 3.0 and 4.0 downloads are all-in-one full game installers and install EVERYTHING. The base game and every module, Pack, patch and Upgrade are installed with them. From there it's just a matter of activating the elements to "unlock" their content.
  16. Links and CMSF2 hotfix in the description
  17. Relax you man your job is perfect enough for us you don't have to searching the perfection, is a game and a little mistake that you (could do in the portraits) will not be visible from us you are constantly of your nerve try to give you a certain limite to arrive to your perfection...
  18. I didn't know it was yours until I uploaded the little vid & thought I should credit the scenario maker. I was looking for possible H&E conversions.
  19. After removing some CMBN files from desktop and installing the modules and upgrades, it works.
  20. Yes the blank.bmp is an handy tool in many CM modding efforts. With Blender CM2 tools you can go a step farer and blank out specific model parts.
  21. No. Yes. Maybe. But I can't get better if I don't suffer. It's the nature of artistic endeavors I suppose. I've written off and on all my life and it invokes the same madness! Always in search of a perfect sentence or turn of phrase. But I can manipulate words 100 times better than I can bmps*. Only problem is, words don't make CM portraits! Modding is a disease and the only cure for it is to do it, for better or worse. Mord. *Grammar not withstanding.
  22. When you applied the patch, were the mods in your mod folder? If so, try removing them, reinstalling the patch and then putting your mods back.
  23. Recently upgraded to 4.0 and for many scenarios my weapon and unit IDs are out of whack. Example: playing Beyond the Belice scenario as U.S. Rangers and one of my Ranger platoons is IDing as 2nd Rhino, A Dutch Army, 1st BM-43, and the unit's Thompson is displaying as an M4A1 76mm. Is this likely a mod issue or a scenario not fit for 4.0? I have over 30 mods under my CMFI Z folder. Anyone have an idea which mod may causing the problem? Otherwise, I suppose I'll have to remove all mods and re-insert them one-by-one to determine the issue.
  24. Thanks for taking the time to type all that out. Interesting stuff. I was wondering what I could do with the blank bmp file attachment. I've been wanting to get rid of some ammo pouches on my Chiraq police officers. So I took the blank bmp and tried to disappeared them. It WORKED!!! Now I just have to mod tag it and drop it in the police folder. And paint over that gray bib looking thing.
  25. I've uninstalled and deleted my precious saved games and really old mods removing any potential conflicts to install and starting over. Getting the same result each time.
  26. They didn't need much rescuing from what I recall.....Staying well out of their way seemed the safest option to me!
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