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Major Problem Discovered

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I've played through a couple of scenarios with the patch on the Mac version.

There is a problem with the AI. Certain groups will just run at top speed to the far edge of the map - away fro the enemy.

It appears that they don't follow the AI planning orders. At their trigger point they just leg it and pile up in the corner of the map.

I will keep testing scenarios and let you know more when I do.

Okay - it appears to happen when AI defending. If the Ai has a movement turn as defender it completes its move and then runs to the corner of the map.

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Ok - try playing allied on 'A delaying action' WEGO

set to 'scenario test'

run through about 15 turns (don't bother moving, and fast forward) and watch the AXIS infantry run for the corner.

Any defending unit that has a movement order tries to complete it and the continues on to the corner of the map. Any scenario where defender has movement will work.

oh - and try: Roadblock +++ v1.1 at repository. That one is great - all the tanks and infantry try to get on top of each other as they squash into the corner.

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Oh, I don't know, there's three seperate axis AI orders sets and all the Groups are full-up in each. I've lost track of who is doing what in that scenario. You might(?) be watching one group being AI-directed out of harm's way in anticipation of an expected Allied artillery barrage, only to reemerge around the time the infantry fighting heats up. Maybe. Or maybe there really is something odd happening.

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No - it's a game breaking bug on the Mac.

It is NOT an attempt to avoid artillery.

With Roadblock +++ v1.1 (repository) all Axis units labelled [A3] and [A5] are given a movement order at the start. They respond by immediately heading for the corner of the map.

Small image included.


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thanks for as usual great support - as a Mac user who just loaded Lion I am awaiting the patch for that too rather than going the fill out a service ticket route. This patch I assume will also ready the game for Lion and allow us to avoid individually fixing via earlier instructions to fill out ticket?

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