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new CMBN review

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My feeble French was good enough to read through the article. A happy review from an old CMx1 veteran, though he apparently misses the old wego command delay for some ungodly reason. :)

oui tu as raison, c'est bien de cela qu'il parle ;)

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Gaming has changed a lot in the last decade (woo! I'm old), it's a combination of consumers demanding more and more info on the games they're interested in (re: those with the largest marketing budgets, that's life), and 'journalistic' outlets giving ceaseless service to those who pay their bills via advertising. Someone like Gamespot devoting reviewer-hours to CMBN smacks a little of charity, doubt I'd ask my people to devote time to it either when there are more profitable activities to be done.

There is another favorable review at Digitally Downloaded.com - from an 'outsider' even (non-Grog).

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The UK PC Gamer review was quite comprehensive and very positive, I thought. The reason why it gave 'only' 80% was because they thought is was quite 'groggy' and would, therefore, have a more limited appeal; as well as a few relatively minor gripes that they hoped would be covered-off in the (upcoming?) patch.

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