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  1. Hey I wasn't complaining, just trying to figure out how it was possible. Besides my other Jadgtiger took out two Perishings. I do prefer the weaker Tanks but I find even Panthers and Jadgpanzers quite vulnerable later in the war when 76mm allied guns are common. I like the game because it can be unpredictable; I once played a game where I had two Tigers knocked out without a kill and a MarderII saved the day. :eek:
  2. Hmm.. maybe my Jadgtiger had that bumper sticker from Forest Gump on it; "Sh@t Happens".
  3. No it just said front super structure penetration.
  4. Hey I just had the front super structure of my Jadgtiger (250mm / 15 slope) penetrated and knocked out by a Bazooka ( 90 pen at 0 slope). How is this possible? Is it anything to do with the Bazooka being a hollow charge? Regards.. Crispy.
  5. When purchasing commanders, changing their experience affects their purchase cost. However I noticed that changing their leadership skills ( command, combat, ect) doesn't alter their purchase cost. So recently when playing against a friend we decided as commanders leadership skills are random to put these skills all to max. So I was wondering what you experts do when playing each other?
  6. CMMOS4 was great. Thanking you kindly for your prompt reply.
  7. I've finished modding CMBO and it now looks great! However I am still lacking mods for the following vehicles. Cromwell (winterized) and SPW 250/8 in hi rez monotone. Does anyone know if these have been modded?
  8. I read somewhere that someone thought the Pz IV was handicapted by the damage resolution in CMBO. I thought nothing of this until I had a fight with 4 Pz IV's against Stuarts and M8's. I was left with 1 tank and that was purely luck. They do seem weak, Panther's do to by the way. Can anyone explain the situation with the Pz IV's further? This game rocks when fully modded but it badly needs a campaign.
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