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  1. Should have dubbed "Jingle Bells" onto the video. ;-)
  2. TMS does CMBN? Thanks, gave me a Monday morning chuckle. :-)
  3. Finish the campaign a couple of days ago and I would just like to say how much I enjoyed it! In CMx1 I would have run a mile to avoid such infantry-heavy scenarios but this campaign really showed to me how much better the latest engine is. I also really appreciated the effort put into the historical aspect by Paper Tiger. The briefings were interesting to read and I really liked the way the whole thing gave you a sense of pushing the front forward. Icing on a great cake! The only thing I would change is upping the level of difficulty a bit! Overall I reckon at extra 50% enemy would have
  4. Completely agree. I would have avoided these type of infantry missions like the plague in any of the CMx1 games. Now I'm finding infantry more interesting to play than armour.
  5. I don't know how you chaps do it. I've been playing for 4 days now and I'm still on mission number 2... ... and thoroughly loving it. :-)
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