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Put another video on youtube :-)


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Ha, after 4,5 days (in which I lost 3 of my 9 remaining hairs) of endless struggle with various editing and encoding softwares I put the next part of the little series I wanted to make on youtube.

Although I recorded 60 GB of material, which would have been enough for another 2 videos, 70% had to go to the trash bin.

10 minutes are just not enough and the editing software cried for more memory after I threw all 225 files in it. I almost wanted to give up, but I hope at least a few of you like it. It`s a different style than the first one.

It`s really a pity that I had to drop so many scenes. Two tanks knocked each other out at the same time, but put in the small window of youtube you can`t see much. In this video are a few handgrenade "attacks" but you hardly can recognize them.

But I managed to avoid the cutting of the frame, although it has black bars on every side of the screen now. :-(

The Pz III got hit at least 10 times, I stopped counting. :) For real it looked like a swiss or dutch cheese, what`s left on youtube.... hm :-(.

Anyway, this game is worth to make videos of it. I like CoH, too, but back then I never had the urge to make a video. So, thanks to Battlefront and 1C that the game finally was released. One example of the various possible game outcomes is kept in the video when a PzII got hit. 2 crew members get out, but the tank keeps rotating and you actually think it`s just the tanks last breath after losing one track. But there is still the driver inside and he only leaves the tank after the next hit.

There are so many stories in it which want to be told. :)

On this video I spent the last 4 days of my vacation which started one day after the release of the game. What a coincidence. ;) Now, it`s back to work and I don`t know when I actually can PLAY this game. :)

Thanks again for your nice comments you gave me after watching the first part. Hope this one doesn`t give you the feeling of having wasted 10 minutes.

MikoyanPT: Really hope you can find something in it which makes you want to start playing again. :) Greetings to Portugal

Oudy: Hope you are not too disappointed now that this is already my second try. ;)

Ah, almost forgot the link:

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Holy balls. That was really awesome.

That was honestly one of the coolest minimovies made up of video game scenes that I've ever viewed. The various segments transitioned into each other real nice. All the shots were so well timed.

Some of my favorite parts:

Around 4:30 - The crew manning the AT gun, and turning it around. A shell hit the gun and one of the two crew went down, the second guy approaches the gun and then a 2nd shell comes in and takes him out. Such a good shot to capture, seemed choreographed.

Around 5:59 when all the French infantry were rushing down the hill together towards the kraut trenches. The camera angle was perfect. The scene gave that feeling of something epic happening.

7:51 - The guy tossing the AT grenade at the tank. The timing of everything was so perfect it was like how you'd expect to see it in a Hollywood film.

The end - the scene with the French tank taking out the kraut led up so perfectly to the Stuka bombers. Very well planned.

The one criticism I'd have is the black and white scenes. They look very cool, but they just don't flow with the rest of the film. Its a little distracting, and given the quality of the rest of it it's not really needed.

I really can't say enough how cool I thought this video was. BFC should hire you on to do the promo vids for their games. This video would have been a PERFECT promo vid for ToW. Tons better than the one they used that didn't really feature in-game footage.

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That was a marvelous video. Really amazing! To much for words to describe, as was your invasion of Poland video.

I'm curious as to where you got the Stuka action though. Same with the He111's in your invasion of Poland video. Were they from ToW, some other game, or a mix?

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I'm enjoying those movies of yuors - please keep them up! This was just made me want to fire up TOW and try not to suck so much. I like the idea of the black and white bits, but I think they are much too contrasty at times.

Enjoy the trip to Moscow you'll no doubt win!

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Man I'd love to do a video but I simply cant run fraps and this game at the same time. The game is fine on my 2 year old machine, but the graphics are trimmed a bit. Fraps with full graphics though and this machine cant handle it.

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You guys are the incredible ones! I came home from work, thought about to continue the Allied campaign a little, checked the forum while I was eating and ...stopped here.

That is really nice of you all, but how can I continue playing now? From your comments I get too much motivation to start part 3. :) Actually I planned this for my next days off in a few days.

The planes:

They are from the good old classic "IL-2 Sturmovik". Everyone who likes WW2 flightsims and hasn`t taken a look at that piece of history should give it a try. (Now available as a set with all parts which ever were released) Since it was made with almost the same game engine as ToW I think both fit together very well.

The contest:

A few of you mentioned it and I really appreciate that, but I mixed up two games and this, I think, is against the rules.

But there`s another point which Slapaho talked about already. The music. Some of you may know the piece I used, but all of you can imagine that it wasn`t me who "created" this.

So, if the men in black suit or uniform ring my doorbell I will take over full responsibility for that, but in no way I want to put this on BFC. On the other hand, I really think these pieces fit to the scenes, therefore I don`t want to change them for the contest. If in August there will be no other videos on the channel Slapaho will go, since he is the first and single poster until now. Always the first one on youtube, how do you do that? :)


Thank you very much for your detailed comment. I noticed that you only posted 2 times. That makes it a great honor to get one from you. :) Yes, I`m aware of the fact that the black and white scenes take you out of the flow for a moment and sometimes it is hard to recognize everything at first sight, but it really reminds me more of watching a documentary feature than just Pixel soldiers running like ants on the screen. Maybe you have noticed that in some documentaries the footage is so bad that you really start to think what this reel went through while or after it was recorded. But, although it`s not quite relaxing to watch and do take you out of it, I think it gives you a little sense of time and how it affected the footage. This impression I just try to put to the videos, therefore the different tones and contrast of black and white.

And of course I want to force you all to watch it again. ;)


Wow. My mouth was open for ten minutes when I saw the King Tiger in La Gleize. ;) Have you been to there? Really huge piece of steel. ...and a huge piece of stupidity to use that thing during the Ardennes Offensive.


Thanks for your support. Seems you are always the first on youtube! :) By the way, I watched your Normandy pictures and was really touched somehow. Can`t imagine that THE invasion really happened there.


Of course you will continue making a video, soldier! Different persons bring up different ideas. Maybe together we can make the ultimate "Theatre of War" feature film. :)


You watched this video during work? Did you leave the screen switched on? Maybe BFC can welcome a few more customers tomorrow. :)


Since you can`t stop playing I assume you missed most parts of the video. So I suggest you better watch it again. ;)

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DeLaVega... since the other game you used is IL-2 and 1C is the copyright holder to that, I guess it would be ok, although it might be considered unfair to other video posters. So probably you're right, we couldn't accept the video for the contest. If the music is not from you, then obviously that's a showstopper in any case.


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For both reasons I opened an own thread for it. As you know I already made the Poland video before the contest started, so it was always about the game and the videos to enjoy a few gameplay moments, never about winning something with it.

My most important goal in making the videos (also the future ones) is to bring a little entertainment to those who like the game. If coincidentially something "happens" during the making I will post it in the contest channel.


Thank you, too, for your comment. But, to be honest, I don`t know how I can create a link. You mean to the AVI? (which is 1,4 GB big?) I only uploaded this ugly little Flash player file to youtube. :)

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thanks DeLaVega - the music is a problem (I actually emailed and asked permission to use a track, but was asked/told not to) :(

I have tried making a video without music - it seems to lose direction or have feeling. In desperation I made my own tune and added it - I hoped getting a video on for the competition would get others posting - but it is still early smile.gif

I am working on another video as happily I have fixed my sound issues and can now record game sounds - and I have had a thought about narration, not using music but having a theme. I am rambling on now, but I hope to complete another video by tomorrow.


Is there a limitation on how many videos you can enter - I couldnt see any?

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As almost everyone here is an adult we all know what this "using music thing" is about. I understand BFC`s concern, therefore I didn`t add any of the videos to the contest.

But, to be honest, I`m tired of the youtube videos about WW2 which use any kind of Rammstein metal music. Not that I don`t like certain songs of them, it`s just soooooooo the same.

When the first german tank shows up, the metal tunes start screaming. It`s like in "Kelly`s Heroes", but way worse. :)

For your "ears" only: If the ToW music wouldn`t be so, let`s say, MIDI like, we were able to use it. :)

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I would have liked the video even wihtout the music and Il2 parts.

I like the ambient sounds of the game.

The video realy looks like it had a professional editing (probably had, de La Vega is probably a holywood professional under nickname, probably George Lukas, he said once it didn´t like the movie parts with actors) great camera controls.

Nice storytelling with great game action and ambient sounds are more than enough to get me aroused.

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