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  1. Thank you for posting. Good to see the game isn´t dead.
  2. Good news ! There was a long time before some info on this finally arrived.
  3. Trucks are good ! I like trucks. Just wanted to share that, thanks.
  4. I bet thousands of military men are evaluating the game has we speak, and having fun with it. But they bought their own copy, not standard army issue.
  5. Kill tracking would be nice. Cherry picking in QB would be even better.
  6. In fact the hollywood guys only used an existing South African model that was already designed and produced.
  7. I totally agree with Clavicula Nox. Guess why i am pleased whith the Onkosh armored trucks.
  8. Great news battlefront. I am specialy pleased to find about the addition of the armoured trucks. Altough i know battlefront doesn´t intend to transform CM:SF in a counter insurgency simulator, prefering the traditional military campaign, the addition of utility vehicles adds enourmous tactical possibilities. And any such conflict would turn from front line battles to supply convoys versus insurgents in a matter of weeks. The red force vehicles addition are great news also, at least the red side will get a infantry fighting vehicle capable of represent a serious treat to Bradleys.
  9. I don´t know if you have noticed that the core 2 cpu in your notebook is actualy better than the AMD in your desktop. Changing the cpu in the notebook is a waste of time and money. I would try to get better drivers for the notebook graphic card. The graphic cards in notebooks are usualy factory dongraded to save power.
  10. Great news, can´t wait to get my hands on it. But i will miss the italian tin cans. Italian armor was stylish, useless but stylish.
  11. Thanks for the update Steve, good to know about WW2 game and CM:SF modules coming. Keep on the good work and urry up while the US dolar is cheap !
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