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Syrian Euro Ragtag Uniforms (v0.9b released)

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I found a very quick way to create new Syrian uniforms, so I decided to make a whole bunch of them smile.gif



The patterns are inspired by various pictures of Russian uniorms I found on the net.

Unfortunately, I did not find any detailed information of russian uniforms and I have no idea of what uniform is used by which unit and under what circumstances, so if anyone has any ideas of how to useful sort them in the game (which to be used for regular infantry and which for reserve troops), I would appreciate it.

Otherwise I will just release the whole package as soon as it's fine tuned and leave the rest to the players.


I have released a test version of the mod. The whole mod is divided into a Basic package and one uniform package for every camo pattern.

The basic package contains the textures for random pouches and gear, the textures for vehicle crews and some new faces with shirts (optional).

Each uniform package contains 4 uniforms and helmets for regular and reserve army.

In order to use a new uniform camo, you need the basic mod (for randomized gear and tank crews) and add any uniform package you like.

You can use different camo patterns for regular and reserve troops, and you can also use multiple camo types at once, but you need to rename the textures for them to work. A detailed installation descrription is included in the readme.

The test version is intended to test the uniforms and provide me with some feedback if the manual editing and mixing of the uniforms is not too complicated. If players encounter problems using the mod, I will try to make "pre-mixed" units, depending on people's suggestions.

And please let me know, whether you prefer the uniforms in single packs, as they are now, or multiple uniforms in a single pack.

'nuff said, the basic mod and the uniform packs are available at CMMods.com

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I would welcome a "ragtag" Syrian uniforms mod like the one that already exists for the US. A bit of variety in camoe pattern for webbing and helmet without too much variation of the general uniform would help with immersion.

I see at least 3 different types of helmet here. Perhaps if we had some different harness/ammo pouch colour schemes, randomly varied like for the US mod, I would use them.

Nice work though.

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Originally posted by Chainsaw:

What is "ragtag" ? I cant find anything intresting on google....

They are talking about variations of uniforms within a unit. So you wouldn't have every guy looking like a fashion clone of the next.


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Please make a ragtag version of your mod as soon as possible. You would need the following:

a) All 4 varieties of helmet shown above;

B) Just one uniform - at a pinch; maybe two very similar ones;

c) 3 varieties of harness/ammo pouches - yellow, brown, green;

Check out the ragtag US soldiers mod to see what files need modding and how they should be named and numbered.

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Thanks for the input, guys smile.gif .

I think I will drop type B completely and make the rest optional.

And yes, I planned on "ragtagging" them anyway, so no need to worry ;)

I already finished some different helmets, and gear (color of pouches and shovel/no shovel).

I am thinking about making two different uniforms of the same camo pattern, too. Seems like the best solution, because most uniforms don't mix with each other too well.

I also tried different camo patterns for pants and shirts, but the results weren't satisfying.

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Mixing uniforms within the unit could actually work for frontline Syrian units, where i am sure the "if you can get a better and newer BDU, go for it" policy is in full effect. Will give units a more organic look.

I'm really digging type B also (i believe the camo designation is KLM or something along those lines). It wasn't restricted to spestnaz only - it was worn by recon, border patrol, and generally by everyone within Soviet 40th Army who could get thier hands on one. Spetsnaz' of the '80s actually preferred to blend in with regular forces, especially KGB teams.

I'm using a similar uniform for my syrian special forces (forgot by who unfortunately), but this looks truly superb.

Type G would be on my "hit list" smile.gif

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Type D and Type G remind me of the style of camouflage used by many African armies.

I've been following the sickening events in Zimbabwe with great interest lately. When Mugabe says "can the pen fight the gun?" and "a mere X in a box" when talking to his supporters about the now abandoned election run-off, it makes me want to see someone go in and overthrow the bastard.

I think the Type D and G uniforms, one for Red and one for Blue, coupled with the "Africa Theatre" and "African Combatants/Fighters" mods, would make it possible to simulate a hypothetical invasion of Zimbabwe by forces of the African Union.

[ June 23, 2008, 01:24 PM: Message edited by: Cpl Steiner ]

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I tried creating more cohesion for mixed camo patterns by using groups of 4 uniforms of the same type for each camo pattern at the same time. For example 4x type A, 4x type E and 4x type F.

In theory, this will give the first 4 soliders in a unit the same camo types, the next 4 get the next camo, and so on.

in practice, of course there are a number of things which will create a more random pattern, the most important, is of courses, that not every unit/squad has 8 soldiers.

To give you an impression of what 3 different uniforms used at the same time look like, here is an example of a full Syrian rifle squad using the 3 different camo patterns mentioned above (4xA,E,F):


You will notice that that actually 6 soldiers wear camo type A, two wear camo type E and only one wears camo type F.

The next picture shows a command squad:


Here we have 2x type A, 2x type F and 1x type E.

The number of uniforms of the same type can be increased to create more cohesion within a group of soldiers, or decreased to create more variety.

The thing I'm still thinking about is how many uniforms and camo patterns to use in one group, and of course which ones to mix (eventually all will be used, of course).

I can make it fully optional to the player by making packs with one camo pattern each. This way you can decide yourself how many and what camo patterns you want to use. Using a single pack, for example would only have one camo type, for example A, with varied helmets and gear. Using 3 packs would result in something similar to the pictures above.

However this would require the players who want to use multiple packs to renumber the helmets and uniforms themselves to make them work. For anyone who prefers a "plug-and-play" mod, this could be too tedious or confusing.

Any opinions? (if I haven't confused you, yet :D )

[ June 23, 2008, 12:49 PM: Message edited by: birdstrike ]

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Outstanding work. I cannot wait to play with it.

You mention that you have found an easy method of modifying the uniforms. Have you considered writing this up and sharing, so that less experienced Photoshop users can get a leg up on modding? smile.gif

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Thanks smile.gif

For the uniform editing, sure thing. I use GIMP, though - there is a automatic camo generator. It feels a bit like cheating, but it saves me an enormous amount of time and frustration. The most difficult part is actually getting the colors right and applying the camo to the uniforms ;)

Would you prefer a quick rundown of the process or a full tutorial?

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Cpl Steiner,

There should be no issues. The Africa Mod uses no uniform textures that I'm aware of.

btw. that Mugabe vs African Union thing you mentioned gave me an idea,

I browsed though a couple of photos on the web and I think I can put together a small African Union Uniform Mod once I got my current uniform package out. I will probably use the regular army uniforms for AU units which leaves the reserve units as "OPFOR", though of course this can be changed by editing the names.

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