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  1. I take notes of the your information. But the Russians possessed a lot of BTR in Grozny. Motorized formations existed...
  2. This is the mod Balkans war that you see there! this is not the CMSF 2, or a new mod Balkans...
  3. Think you that I should modify this formation? BTR-60 in order and the BMP 2 in assault! of more I saw than the Russians aligned again of the T-62M in chechenia... Was you it more frequent in armored unities than the T-72?
  4. ok for the Spigot thanks But the Chechens disposed the konkurs. one finds not in this game, domage! I think that I could put the kornet.
  5. this campaign is situated during the second battle of Grozny. She is semi-historical, for cause BTR-60 and not of BTR-70...And especially of time, no winter in CMSF... for the russian troops: *131e BM maykop *elements of 5e BDG kantemirovkaï *FS Vityaz odon for the chechens troops: * RPG * sagger ( to defect of fagot ) *spigot *pick up MG
  6. hello all. I have just conceived my first campaign. That happens to Grozny in chechenia. You will follow a motorized column Russian, that has access to three days to attain its objectives. I based myself on pictures of google earth. Here some examples: 1st map " the suburbs " Well heard for more of submersion, I invite you to take the following mods: * Balkans war or ETO * Russian air forces This campaign is again some tests and little to be modified at any moment... you will find it on cmmods.
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