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  1. Has anyone noticed this with the latest version of the engine? You give a move order to a squad and all but one of the soldiers move to the new location, leaving one stuck in the old location.
  2. I love the Eastern Front theatre for wargaming but one thing to bear in mind about Red Thunder is that a lot of the stock missions are quite large (battalion size) compared to the other WWII titles. Also, since you're here, you should check out the two modern warfare titles (Black Sea and Shock Force 2). The modern Russian army in Black Sea is a lot of fun, whilst the asymmetry in Shock Force is a unique experience compared to the other titles.
  3. The one thing I miss from CMx1 was "Biltong's Campaign Rules" in which you took a company of Wehrmacht Mechanised Infantry through a complete campaign on the Eastern Front via randomly generated situations that were then converted to quick battles. This was the closest I ever got to my dream game of CM with a strategic layer for generating battles. I once tried to make a strategic board game layer for Shock Force, with counters representing the Stryker battalions etc., but never finished it.
  4. I don't know if this has ever been done before but I have a concept for a campaign based on American Football. Mission 01: Line of Scrimmage - - - Blue conducts a preliminary probing action. Mission 02: First Down - - - Blue has made progress but there is still a long way to go. Mission 03: Play-Action - - - Blue conduct a feint to allow another element to advance. Mission 04. Fumble! - - - A mistake puts Blue on the defensive. Possible rearguard or holding action. Mission 05: Blitz - - - Blue attempts to stop enemy counterattack. Mission 06: Turnover! - - - Blue
  5. Pretty sure I watched a documentary during the Chechen war in which the embedded correspondent said the troops he was with were riding on top of the vehicle because of the threat of mines. I will see if I can find it.
  6. Russian troops did sometimes, perhaps even frequently, ride on the top of personnel carriers in a fairly recent conflict (Chechnya), presumably due to the threat of anti-vehicle mines. There are pictures of this if you search in Google. Pretty sure these are Russians...
  7. In the best traditions of the British Army, the officers eat slightly better than the men
  8. From a cursory investigation online it would appear that the Warrior was basically designed as a British version of the German Marder, which at the time just had a 20mm cannon. The Marder did eventually get a MILAN missile launcher as an upgrade but it didn't have one when the Warrior was developed. [EDIT] I should also add that the British MOD (Ministry of Defence) is notorious for letting down our servicemen and women with garbage kit. Radios that don't work and boots that are so bad the troops were forced to buy their own are just some of the stories I've read. A friend of mine wh
  9. In general, I agree that you should dismount the infantry before contact. However, there are occasions in which I will make a quick dash with multiple, fully loaded IFVs across an enemy kill zone if moving dismounted infantry across such ground would expose them to too much fire. I would only make such a move if the range is pretty long (several hundred metres), the vehicles are moving parallel to the enemy (rather than towards or away from them) and the range is several hundred metres. The idea is that any RPGs fired at them are likely to miss in the short time in which the vehicles are expos
  10. With US Army + Infantry selected I see 6 formations, including an Infantry Battalion, Engineer Company, Recon Squadron, Supply Platoon, Truck Platoon and Forward Observer Section. I will check out "Thunder Run". For anyone interested in Brit scenarios there are quite a few good accounts of the Paras and Commandoes in Afghanistan, and one about a Forward Air Controller ("Firestrike 7/9").
  11. I bought the upgrade bundle today and fired up a quick battle followed by a scenario, and I must say, I'm impressed! It feels like a completely new game. Thanks BFC.
  12. I found this BBC article that quotes the 5% figure, although strangely it dates from 2016 whereas the article that said women would now serve on the frontline was definitely more recent. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-36746917 Quotes from the above... But the Army's research suggests fewer than 5% of its 7,000 women would pass the current infantry fitness test. Concern over the issue had centred on whether women had the physical capability to withstand the demands on their body that some of the roles will require. The basic fitness tests for the infantry involves recrui
  13. I forgot about voices. Good catch. One workaround might be to make the voice sound like it's over a radio so it could conceivably be from any female on the map, not the group of soldiers in immediate view.
  14. German Army has had women in front line infantry since 2001.
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