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  1. As usual the anti-Brexit crowd are unable to debate without slinging insults. Brexiteers were stupid, or old, or manipulated, or didn't know what they were voting for and should be asked to vote again once they clever people have explained it to them. This is not debate so I'm off.
  2. I doubt a 60+ resident of a Northeast coastal town whose economy was devastated by EU fishing quotas cares a damn what Putin thinks, if they even use social media. The idea that Russia caused Brexit is pretty ridiculous.
  3. This must be the "rational discussion" Steve was referring to.
  4. Wow, just read this. As a Brit who voted for Brexit, I think maybe Steve should stick to military matters as this is pretty insulting and frankly bat **** crazy. My reason for voting Brexit, for the record, is that I believe in democracy and the EU is profoundly undemocratic. We got rid of a king in the 1600s because he was overruling our parliament. The EU over the passed decades has imposed thousands of laws on the UK we had to accept by treaty obligation. It was always about democracy and sovereignty for me and many others, not stupidity, irrationality, or Russian manipulation.
  5. I just started the Task Force Thunder campaign (Steam installation) and the trench system, barbed wire etc. is all screwed up (see attached screenshot)
  6. I knew this thread would be red hot right now. Is this likely to be an accident? The explosion was in farmland.
  7. The rear tank of the column is still moving at the end. you can see it's cannon as it manoeuvres into the field
  8. Just throwing out there a theory of mine - that the brutality of soldiers is related to whether they come from city or rural backgrounds. This part of the world is very rural so I imagine lots of the combatants are used to seeing animals slaughtered etc.
  9. If Russia really has lost now, as Steve has suggested, isn't there a danger Putin switches to chemical and nuclear weapons?
  10. Apparently the Russians are using self-propelled artillery in direct fire mode, shooting horizontally at buildings in Mariupol. Would love to see such units "on-map" in CM:BS.
  11. I imagine there must be a lot more interest now in BFC's professional edition of CMx2 made for military training?
  12. You could well be right there. Interdiction of all the truck loads of anti-tank weapons soon to be arriving on the border.
  13. I suspect all that will happen in the peace talks is that Russia will demand that Ukraine capitulates to save the lives that will soon be lost when the main Russian assaults on Kyiv and Kharkiv commence. It will be just a way of offloading responsibility for catastrophic destruction and loss of life onto the Ukrainian leadership.
  14. I saw a US Media reporter say that two journalists were killed when armed civilians shot up their car believing them to be saboteurs - so, yes. [Edit] Not probably the "bad things" you had in mind but untrained civilians with AKs and fear of spies and saboteurs in their midst is a bad combination.
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