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  1. Thank you for your remark and I take some notes. I based myself on the pictures that I found on the net.
  2. Hellos For certain of its mods they are lost because of a PC failure. For others they are in the mods Balkans wars.
  3. I conceived this mod for my scenario. This one is semi-historique and happens in the valley of Musa Qala.
  4. Thanks lomir for the color numbers and the link. On the pick up I modified the basic color. I have does in to go out that the yellow sand be clearer. Here the Afghan army is put in pictures on my next scenario "Operation cap day fox".
  5. this is my news mod. I'm based on the pick-up and on the syrian specforces.
  6. I would want to know if we will have access to cm-a in multi-langues?
  7. It is true that the system felin appears in our army. The VBCI is conceived to receive this system.
  8. I do not dream! If we have not any French in CMSF 1, ourselves in will have surement in CMSF II or a france MAY-JUNE 40. It is beautiful to dream!
  9. Equipment is obsolete on these pictures. Leclerc VBCI César VBL Here what we have, put to leaves the VBCI that has just go out.
  10. We have not that of the leclerc, we have also good wine and valiant soldiers that fight in Afghanistan...
  11. You under estimate the expectation many French players. Good this is on that 500 Americans that buy CMSF against 150 French this does not motivate.
  12. Therefore if unit NATO sells itself well we will have an french unit?
  13. I would want to know if we have the right to the French forces in the next CMSF II? As CMSF II must happen in Europe, I would find this logical.
  14. i have a problem with my module marines. i uninstalled cmsf and the british module without problems, the computer proposed me to uninstall the license key, as usual. but not for the marine module. and when i want to install again my game, no soucy for cmsf, no soucy for the british module, but when i have to install the marine module, it writes me an error code=18. that means that my key is unavailable, normal, because i can't unistall it correctly ! i don't know what to do, i wrote to bf services and i'm waiting for an answers, but i want to know if somebody has know the same problem. t
  15. On the other hand I find that the series of the BTR is limited in CMSF. It lacks: BTR 40, BTR 50, BTR 152 OT-64 and trucks.
  16. I have just looked at Syrian unities and I realized that some can be added to the game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_Army T-64BM Bulat T-80UK 320 exemplary OT-64, BTR 40/50/60/152 > 1500 exemplary BRDM-2Rkh 125 exemplary AT-10 Stabber Pantsir-S1 ? machine gun KPV /14,5 mm M-16A1 /5,56 mm ( spécial forces ) Do you count to add them in unit NATO?
  17. How many scenarios happening in urban environment? A good party of these scenarios are situated outside a big city, therefore why to use the scimitar in urban zone that this is not his role?
  18. it suffices to correct this in a patch or in NATO module. And to do you to forgive again more, create a pretty French module...
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