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Best Way to Restore v1.01??

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I thought I had saved my version of CMAK by re-naming it "CMAK_v101.exe", before I did the patch. Now I am wondering just which icon (in my Battlefront folder) I snatched and renamed.

Anyways... What is the best way to get back to CMAK v1.01 so I can keep my PBEM turns going until v1.03 gets sorted out?

What happens if I un-install and re-install CMAK?

Can I save the v1.01 patch in my Battlefront folder to a safe place (wherever that is... would that be a floppy disc?), and then un-install/re-install CMAK, and then use the saved v1.01 patch?

Sorry for all the questions.

Thanks in advance if you can help.



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Another suggestion, a second install. Then copy over the folders: bmp, scenarios, saved games, quick battle maps, and wav, provided you have changed these with mods and downloads, over the folders in the second install. You will then have a 1.0 version of what you had before, hopefully. Apply the 1.01 patch that you saved somewhere on your computer in a separate file.

Notice I didn't suggest copying the pbem folder. I don't know what the 1.02 may have done to that.

Best to wait for a fix, but at least you could play AI while you wait.

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It's going from bad to worse! I un-installed CMAK, but now the drive won't read my disk.... Ack! It reads CMBB and a back-up disk (unfortunately, it's not a CMAK back-up) I found laying around, just fine... but not CMAK. I don't see any dirt or scratches on the disk either... Hmmm... Time to curl up into the fetal position and twitch. Ack!


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Originally posted by Le Tondu:

Uninstalling and reinstalling is it my friend.

A supposition here : what happens if launching the game from the old 1.01 ".exe" program ?

If, before patching, you had renamed (or copied and renamed) the 1.01 EXE file, you may have two launchable programs at the end of the patching process : a 1.01 and a 1.02 EXE files. Right ?

By the way, will the game, even if some fixes and new BMPs have been added to the folders (when patching from 1.01 to 1.02), correctly start as version 1.01 ? I cannot answer... ...as I didn't copy the 1.01 EXE file, and cannot test myself ! :mad:

But, if this works, someone could put online the 1.01 EXE file in order to other players to download it. We could avoid another install session then.

Is it possible, or totally crap ? :confused:

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I'd suggest waiting patiently. To pass the time possibly start a betting pool on how quickly the fixed patch appears. If I had to pick a time I'd say.... (let me consult my astrologer here)... 1pm Friday.

I rather suspect Matt excreted a brick when that bug popped up. BFC's not going to sit idly on this.

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Originally posted by junk2drive:

Before you assume you have a bad disc, remember to turn off completely your anti virus. McAfee can be a pain to shutdown...

Bingo-Bango... Baby!

Thanks man! I'm back up and running v1.01, sending PBEM turns hither and yon...

My wife thanks you as well. She doesn't care to be around little Kenny when he's having one of his "Can't play Combat Mission Melt-downs".



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