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  1. I'm with you noxnoctum. BFC, don't get me wrong. Single player mode has plenty of value. I see it as a way to prepare the gamer for playing against other gamers. Nothing more.
  2. If Y, X, and Z happens, that will be nice. IMO, it will have everything to do with patience because as you have said, TCP/IP WeGo compromise won't be released initially. (Yeah, that was a real nice time for CMBO when TCP/IP play was released. I will never forget it.) I've waited this long. I can wait some more. No problem there. I am not saying the game should be delayed. Not at all. The point being is If Y happens and X never happens, the reason why I would want to buy the game will sadly not exist. It is the social aspects that go with wargaming that I like. I can do lo
  3. As a long time CMx1 player, I am anxiously waiting for CM: Normandy to be released (-and to see what features it is released with.) Its been a long wait indeed since CMAK, but I have no desire to play any modern era games at all -ever. With that said, I for one will not be playing CM: Normandy as a single player. I look forward to (hopefully) someday again spending my Saturday mornings gaming against my best friend who lives 2600+ miles away. BFC, I've supported you for quite a while, but if you will not return to WeGo, I just cannot see how I can even buy your product. (My apologie
  4. There is good news indeed. Histwar: Les Grognards is now available for preorder. The release date is set for around Christmas. Woooo Hoooooooooooooo!!!!! You can preorder it here: [deleted] Happy Holidays to one and all.
  5. I just have to say thank you for this thread. I think it really should be made a sticky thread -OR CMN should have its own forum (dare I say it?) I cannot wait for CMN to be release. (CMSF is not my cup-o-tea.) Anyways, this thread really fills things in for me and I appreciate it.
  6. Thanks a gazillion for this thread. I can't wait.
  7. Who says good things don't happen? They say one picture equals a thousand words! Soooo much to say.......... 1. God, its been such a loooooooooong time. This is REAL good news. 2. How about some more screenshots? Just what are those Tigers facing off against? 3. Bocage - I wonder how that will look. 4. It certainly will be nice to see some King Tigers again. 5. How about a real name? Refering to "the next World War Two Western Front Combat Mission game" seems llike it would get to be rather tedious. 6. And now for the 8000 pound gorilla standing in the corne
  8. Throw away WE-GO???? If Battlefront does that they will lose a customer. I've bought two of every game up to CMSF. (I just don't wargame any era after WWII.) This is a sad day indeed. WE-GO made Battlefront, IMO. There just isn't any reason to throw that away.
  9. [ January 20, 2008, 07:54 AM: Message edited by: Le Tondu ]
  10. Sorry, but I won't wargame any period later than WW2. (SciFi not included in that.) I can't wait to get back to gaming with Combat Mission. So, just when is the WW2 CMx2 game going to be released? I seem to remember that it was mentioned in the past that a time frame of six months after Shockforce was released. Has there been anything mentioned in forums? [ December 15, 2007, 08:55 AM: Message edited by: Le Tondu ]
  11. Sorry guys. [ January 29, 2007, 05:13 PM: Message edited by: Le Tondu ]
  12. Sorry gentelemen. [ January 29, 2007, 05:14 PM: Message edited by: Le Tondu ]
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