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  1. These look nice. I would like CMBN to include these for random AI QBs. Will the file names for the maps work as is or will I need to change the names to match the nomenclature of the maps that came with the game?
  2. Thanks hoolaman. The CMSF solution linky solved my issue.
  3. Game will not start. I get an error message saying "could not initialize graphic display card" require 1024 x 768 32 bit." I edited and saved the graphics text file to 1920 1080 60 which is my recommended monitor resolution as outlined in your website. I still get a crash with the same error message. Will the actual game eliminate the need for editing a text file for display? I have preordered this game. What is the refund policy should I not be able to get this game to work? Windows 7 64 bit i7 930 2.8 ghz quad core ASUS P6T motherboard 6 GB RAM ATI Radeon HD 5850 2D with these specs Driver Packaging Version 8.821-110126a-112964C-ATI Catalystâ„¢ Version 11.2 2D Driver Version Direct3D Version OpenGL Version Catalystâ„¢ Control Center Version 2010.0930.2237.38732
  4. ANGRY OUT LOUD! You won't know what to do with it when you get it : (
  5. I had a "Fatal error run out of memory" crash with the Forging Steel campaign. This happened after the second battle had completed and the 3rd battle was loading. I could open and play the saved game. Looks like version 11 is better but the memory leak is still there. I never could get through Pooh in v 10. I never played that battle in 11....... I have a nividia 7800 gs card.
  6. The save game did work. Yeah...The "new" forum butchered my moniker. Should be "Watson & Crick." Anyone know if there is a way to change ones username?
  7. The first 2 battles have been fun.......Not sure about the third.... Has anyone else had a "Fatal error run out of memory" crash? I got one after the second battle had completed and the 3rd battle was loading. I did get to save the game. I have not tried to open it. Yes, I am patched to v 11. I did manage to get through the Marine campaign that shipped w/ the game. Before version 11, my machine crashed in the middle of the Poh (sp?) scenario. I never could finish it. Unfortunately, in my last go at that campaign, I picked the wrong fork because I never got the Poh battle. I have a Nividia 7800 gs card w/ the latest drivers.
  8. I was playing 1.08. I'm almost positive it was a missile and not a RPG. The explosions were quite large. Maybe the bug reappeared?
  9. There is either a bug with Syrian anti-tank missiles or a bug with the AI's use and/or targeting. The Syrians expended all missiles and nary a one reached its target. All missiles (6 or more?) exploded on the ground midway to target. This occurred in the Thunder campaign on the 3rd or 4th battle. The map has a single road running down the middle. You start at one and need to secure the far end. SPOILER . . . . . . . My Humvees were the target. They sat in hull down positions near the back right edge on a hill rise and the small rise on the left midway down the map. Basically, when the tanks showed up, the Syrians had nothing left. Makes the scenario a piece of cake. I have a hard time believing this would happen in real life. Either the Syrians should wait for a non hull down target or at least some of the missiles should hit. Sumfink is amiss. Literally. No, I do not have a saved game but this can easily be tested.
  10. I've seen the same thing with the Sagger in this scenario and others. Is this a bug or a real failure of the AT device?
  11. I would have tried the CMSF demo, been extremely annoyed with the bugginess, and deleted it. I would guess that this would be the common response if one had no experience at all with BFC. I have spent HOURS playing CMBO, CMBB, and CMAK. I preordered CMBB, CMAK and CMSF all based on past experience. I am disappointed of the premature release of CMSF, but I know that they will eventually get things fixed.
  12. Ah, I had this same problem in the same place in the campaign. I also created a "breach" by blowing up the wall with a tank. I tried to get men as well as strykers through the "hole." Perhaps tanks and strykers should not be able to go through a breech but surely dismounted infantry should be able to go through. Can someone from BFC comment?
  13. I had this problem after the upgrade and had to change some settings within the game as well as the Nvidia control panel (I have a 7800 gs, dual core machine). Nvidia settings control panel for CMSF Anisot. filter 2x Antial gamma cor ON Antial setting 2x antial transparency multi conformant text clamp use open gl ext limit off force mipmaps bilinear multi-display/mixed... single display perf mode text filter-anis mip filter.. on text filter anis sampl opt...off text filter neg LOD bias allow text quality quality text filter trilinear off triple buffering on vertical sync force off In game control 3d models better vert sync off anti alias on high prioty process on I also set the affinity to one of the cores as per padlocked thread. I did not systematically check everything, but this works in my rig and looks okay (better than CMBO!). I'll be happy when this gets patched....
  14. Can anyone actually set-up forces at the start in a QB? I have tried twice now and I cannot position my guys. I don't have trouble in the scenarios. Was this REALLY released this way or am I just stoopid? :confused:
  15. I had this bug happen to me twice. Once in the training mission campaign and the other in the "Thunder" campaign. They were not under fire. I did use the deploy weapon command. Not sure if that had anything to do with it but khe guy kept a running like Forest Gump.
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