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  1. Hi gentlemen, I was absent since a long time on this forum and, recently, just discovered the new layout of the whole thing. Probably due to my lack of perseverance, but I didn't manage to make the "search" function running well with me... So here is my situation, and questions. I just upgrade my home computer to a new Imac G5 (20 inches model, intel core 2 duo processor) with the "Leopard" mac OS X system. Questions : 1/ Is there some players here that have managed to play CMBB (or CMAK) on this kind of computer ? How did they managed to do that ? 2/ The mac version of CMBB i
  2. Hi all, Found this serie of pictures of another T34 wreck found somewhere in Russia. Seems that the vehicle is in good condition, unfortunatelly, the website (which is crap...)doesn't provide any informations except the pics If someone could find more informations about this tank... ...that could be interesting !
  3. Ok, problem solved ! The conflict was due to Netmeeting application. Its setup automatically launched the software when starting Windows. And therefore, it was impossible to launch the 3D acceleration. Thank you for your help
  4. Hi all, I'm very surprised today when trying to launch CMBB ! When double-clicking on the shortcut, the screen goes black, asking to me my resolution preferences. It's all the more strange that I've installed and patched CMBB (and CMAK too) almost a year ago and I have ran both games without any problem before that very day ! So now, the computer wants me to select a resolution preference in "Software Mode" with a screen resolution of 640 x 480 (or something). I've only got the choice between 3 resolutions, with only a difference about Hz frequency. 2 things possible here : 1/ I
  5. Hi MikeyD, wonderfull job, as usual ! It was a long time since I downloaded something at cmmos.com. Now, I know what to do ! About the polish captured version marking, shouldn't it be "Polska" instead of "Poland" ? I wonder if those courageous Poles wrote the name of their country in english rather than in their native language...? :confused:
  6. I don't post so often , but I really want to thank Bigduke for these precious informations. That is the kind of things I'm always looking for ! Of course, I use Google Earth software and consult topographic maps when creating an accurate map for a scenario. But I always prefer when I can also gather some informations from photos and people who live near the site I'm trying to recreate in CM ! Keep up please
  7. Yes, GoogleEarth could be very useful too. I've recently noticed that they "upgraded" their database with high-resolution portions of Ukraine. Including area like Kiev, Zhitomir, Donetsk region and the Kharkov and Bielgorod zone. Unfortunatelly, the high resolution terrain just stops a few kilometers south of Prokhorowka :mad: Is there someone here who have a scanned version of the topographic map "M-37-38" (scale 1:100.000) of the sector of Prokhorovka ? Thanks.
  8. Hi Gentlemen, Please just have a look to this link. It shows the coverage zone shown is for dual mode GSM-900/1800 phones. Nothing very important, at first, but the map may be interesting : Obojan and Prokorovkha region. Tell me what you think.
  9. Thanks for this explanation, Sergei. More about the size of your picture : do I understand correctly if one pixel in your picture is for one tile in CM map ? This feature may only work for forrests and water areas. I cannot really imagine for which other kind of terrain this tools can be usefull :confused:
  10. Hi Gentlemen, Just one question about the fantastic Mapping Mission software in general, and about the "Load Terrain From Bitmap File" feature in particular. Is anyone here kind enough to explain to my tired brain how this really works, with examples ? I never tried this and wonder how can I use this specificity. Thanks
  11. Calm down. Be safe, I'm not a nazi : I'm not yelling "Heil Hitler" each time I press the "Go" button. So don't expect me to make any apologies about any dictatorial regime. If my message may appear doubtfull by this point of view, or I wasn't direct and explicit enough, or you misunderstood it. Now, if you want to play with words, you can advance that Stalin's regime wasn't genocidal. If it makes your day. But this is at least controversial as it depends how you define a genocide : is it a mass-extermination only motivated by racist and/or religious criterias ? Soviet genocide http:/
  12. Just imagining a poor d*ckhead yelling "Heil Hitler" in front of his computer screen each turn makes laugh to tears ! LOL
  13. Oh come on, that's a really old story, isn't it ? Are you a nazi-fanboy just by picking the german side in our quick battles ? Are you a communist enthusiast when playing the soviets in Ukraine '43 ? Please stop : I consider people here to be mature enough and play CMBB without any political "feeling" behind. Or this forum is full of NKVD lovers and NSDAP nostalgics ! Tell me then... You cannot play this game with this kind of "morale preference" : both sides fought for a dictatorial regime and genocidal politics. War on the eastern front has nothing in common with war western allies f
  14. None ! IIRC, there is already a thread about that here. Got to do a search...
  15. Mmmh... You've changed your sig, that's forgiven of course. I may have over-reacted, no ? I'm sorry. Sorry too for hijacking MikeyD's thread. Keep up the good job
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