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  1. I think many good things have come from this patch: 1. Many people probably have bad CDROMs and dont know it. 2. Win2000 will only allow patches to be installed in safe mode. 3. Aol sucks. 4. You can't always get what you want.
  2. I hit the menu refresh button and got the same page (aol). I then right-clicked and hit refresh and then the page is updated. I love computers.
  3. Download the v1.03 patch HERE!!! We have recently become aware of an issue with the v1.02 patch which disrupts Play By Email games. We are currently working on a new patch (v1.03) which will resolve this issue. Until this updated patch is ready, we have decided to remove the older 1.02 patch files and requested the various file mirror sites to do the same. The new v1.03 patch will be made available shortly. We apologize for this issue and appreciate you patience while we get it fixed. Battlefront.com
  4. Labels is probably a Hotkey where a little 'label' pops up over units to show its state. I never use it and would not want any time devoted to it. edit: Its shift-G. When a unit is running and enters a tired state, then a warning label pops up. [ November 19, 2004, 09:11 AM: Message edited by: Mr. Tittles ]
  5. That was my sentiment as well... a sort of "last laugh" before moving on. </font>
  6. * "Labels" indicate tired or exhausted for infantry. * Fixed a problem that erased the facade textures of large buildings when "hide roofs" option is on. * Light two-level buildings on pavement now face properly as indicated in game editor. * Corrected a problem that caused some "pure armor" QBs to appear with no allied troops in North Africa. * Corrected a small ammo roundoff problem when rejoining split squads. * Pillbox firing slits are a little harder to hit. Discuss: How long would these changes take to code and test? I have edited out many of the graphic changes/TOE/etc.
  7. Firing LATW from within buildings largely depends on the state of the building. If its a well constructed building with intact doors and windows, the effect would be harsh on the firers and any other occupants in the room. But in a building with blasted out windows/doors/demolished-walls, etc, it is greatly lessened. For first floor firers, it would also model the fact that they could duck outside quickly and fire. It does not have to model actually hanging out a window in other words.
  8. Its not about the email problem. That happens. But I wonder if the patch change list was posted before the patch was released, how would everyone have responded?
  9. I was optimistically hoping that since CM2 was supposedly being worked on concurrently with the CMAK patch, that they would drop some experimental goodies on us. Just to see how we would feeedback on it. I should drink less I suppose. I have the 1.02 patch and given the list of changes; what could have taken so long to playtest? Many of the changes have, as you say, no impact on the real gaming issues. What real playtesting is needed for a tripoded Bren LMG? Since it is 'free', there is no real point in complaining. But I do feel like my favorite band has released a really bad album.
  10. Ive tried all those workarounds and the CD is definetly unreadable in areas. The game , when it does the CD present check, must read off a good area. I can't believe I never made a copy at some time.
  11. Same here as far as having a bad disk. I am stuck in 1.02 mode.
  12. I run Win2000prof and also had to use the Safe Mode to install the patch.
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